Inbound Marketing Case Study

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Inbound marketing strategies drove a 20% increase in market share while delivering 100% ROI for three consecutive years.

  • Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) increased 34% YoY for 3 years.
  • Inbound leads increased from 0 to an average of 320 per month.
  • Organic website traffic increased by 120% during the first year — and 198% during the second year.
  • SEO efforts achieved first-page organic placement for 39 keywords.

Bringing in the Right Leads with Inbound Marketing

If marketing does anything, it should be to help get new leads in the door. One of our global technology clients wasn’t seeing any inbound leads, and both their marketing ROI and their website traffic were consistently low. Their primary goal was to improve their inbound leads, but they also wanted to earn first-page organic search placement for competitive SEO keywords while establishing themselves as a leading global tech provider. By working together, we were able to optimize their marketing ROI, redefine their lead generation process, and grow their market share.

Here’s How We Did It

Any brand looking to generate more leads needs a strategic inbound marketing strategy. We helped our client generate and convert more leads by developing a comprehensive inbound approach. In turn, they experienced higher ROI, better customer engagement, and increased leads.

  1. We began by assessing the quality of MQLs and our client’s lead acquisition process. We researched how leads were acquired and how they were prioritized, and we used this information as the foundation for our inbound strategy.
  2. Through our investigation, we learned that overly broad paid advertising campaigns negatively impacted their lead quality. We addressed this issue by optimizing website content to achieve first-page SEO placement.
  3. We also implemented an organic inbound lead approach by consistently creating and publishing relevant, top-quality branded content across social media channels.
    We bolstered this approach with a targeted email marketing strategy that nurtured inbound leads by offering relevant educational content to key target audiences.
  4. Next, we optimized website landing pages to improve MQL generation and conversions, and we combined our digital marketing with in-person lead generation events that provided a seamless buyer journey experience.
  5. Finally, we collaborated with our client’s sales team to establish a comprehensive lead nurturing system that helped them prioritize and nurture leads.
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