Integrated Marketing Case Study

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Refining and realigning our client’s brand and marketing efforts using integrated marketing lowered cost-per-acquisition by 72%, boosted ROI, and resulted in a 285% increase in website traffic and a 113% increase in their NPS score.

  • Overall website traffic increased by 287%
  • Website conversion rate increased by 489%
  • Net promoter score increased by 113% quarter-over-quarter
  • Brand perception increased with a Q score improvement of 146%
  • Lead call volume increased by 1277% year-over-year
  • Sales qualified leads increased by 91%
  • Cost-per-acquisition decreased by 72%, boosting ROI

The Effectiveness of a Unified, Integrated Marketing Strategy

A financial institution client sought to differentiate itself and enhance its banking services — their challenge: managing disjointed marketing efforts across six agencies for PR, SEO, and social media. An inefficient approach to communication led to high costs and inefficiency. Additionally, weak brand identity and an underutilized digital presence hindered recognition. Misalignment with sales and service worsened customer metrics and ROI. Partnering with Madison Taylor Marketing led to a data-driven strategy, a centralized approach, and consistent branding. The outcome: enduring success in a competitive digital landscape.

Here’s How We Did It

The first step was to work with our client to unify all of their marketing efforts under one roof. As a full-service agency, we’re able to offer a complete suite of services, including strategy, research, brand development, integrated marketing, advertising, and website development. After that, we began by improving and adjusting the company’s brand identity to better match their goals and the type of customers they wanted to reach. We also came up with a plan to make better use of their digital marketing efforts.

  1. We established their new brand and a strategy to implement brand standardization across every facet of the organization — the logo, fonts, graphics, voice, tone, and messaging were now consistent at every touchpoint.
  2. With new brand assets, we then entirely rebuilt the client’s website to refine the user experience for web visitors, collecting data on user navigation patterns and usage. We expanded the capabilities and website features to optimize traffic and conversion and align with our client’s goals.
  3. Continuing our alignment with organization goals, we launched comprehensive campaigns, both traditional and digital, to build a strong identity with target audiences, including one project to promote a unified brand and messaging through analog radio, social media, TV, OTT/ CTV, YouTube, display ads, search, remarketing, and print.
  4. Lastly, we designed and launched new alignment policies across marketing, sales, and service departments to ensure clear communication and seamless handoffs between teams.
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