Legal Services Case Study

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A robust inbound marketing strategy helped our personal injury law client rise above the competition and see results within the first several months of working together.

  • Increased web traffic increased by 32%
  • Leads from the website increased by 118%
  • Increased first-page targeted keywords from 0 to 23
  • Increased lead conversion rate by 40%

Creating A Strategy

Our client’s previous marketing initiatives were limited to traditional advertising, so we outlined a plan to bring their marketing practices up to the digital age. Though they had an established website, they needed help driving people to the site, getting web visitors to convert, and having people spread the word about the firm. Their digital marketing needed a comprehensive social media marketing strategy that was more consistent and strategic, not reactionary and one-off. Our client also needed a brand refresh and guidelines for consistently using their logo, colors, and fonts to enforce a strong brand. Since consumers need to see a brand 5-7 times before remembering it, every opportunity to establish brand identity is important.

Here’s How We Did It

We take a holistic look at breweries, and our first goal is to define your brewery’s brand based on its existing personality, offerings, and the space it wants to occupy in the craft beer market.

  1. Understanding a brewery’s best-sellers, things the brewery is passionate about, and how they connect with their audience, we get to the root of how to strengthen brand identity. Everything from logo to website, apparel to offerings, social media presence to bathroom decor must be part of a cohesive brand strategy. With a defined brand identity, we zero in on the audience.
  2. To correctly identify the audience and create relevant messaging, we work with breweries to build out “buyer personas.” These fictional representations of your ideal customers include likes, dislikes, hobbies, beer preferences, family size, and more. Talking to the right target audience helps maximize your marketing efforts and optimize marketing spend.
  3. Once your brand and audience are defined, the real fun begins: spreading the word and marketing your product to the right people. We work with breweries to select the channels – social media, email, newsletters, your website, strategic advertising – that are the best for connecting with the audience.
  4. We also help breweries build effective and worthwhile loyalty programs, which encourage repeat visits, reward regulars, and give customers something to smile and tell their friends about.
  5. Lastly, we address another important aspect, making it easy for people to find the brewery. We make sure breweries’ websites are updated and optimized, improving rankings on Google so they appear higher on the list when people search for “brewery near me” and other related search terms. We partner with companies like Untappd to ensure that every “brewery near me” search leads potential customers to the breweries we’re working with.
  6. To top it off, we track key performance indicators and measure each initiative to make sure things are working towards achieving the right business goals.
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