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A robust inbound marketing strategy helped our personal injury law client rise above the competition and see results within the first several months of working together.

  • Increased web traffic increased by 32%
  • Leads from the website increased by 118%
  • Increased first-page targeted keywords from 0 to 23
  • Increased lead conversion rate by 40%

Creating A Strategy

Our client’s previous marketing initiatives were limited to traditional advertising, so we outlined a plan to bring their marketing practices up to the digital age. Though they had an established website, they needed help driving people to the site, getting web visitors to convert, and having people spread the word about the firm. Their digital marketing needed a comprehensive social media marketing strategy that was more consistent and strategic, not reactionary and one-off. Our client also needed a brand refresh and guidelines for consistently using their logo, colors, and fonts to enforce a strong brand. Since consumers need to see a brand 5-7 times before remembering it, every opportunity to establish brand identity is important.

Here’s How We Did It

After establishing what areas needed improvement, we dove into execution.

  1. We began by creating a refreshed brand and collateral for this client. We simplified their logo and established stringent brand guidelines regarding fonts, colors, placement, and usage.
  2. Next, we integrated their refreshed brand into their website. We took each stage of the buyer’s journey – awareness, consideration, and decision – and created conversion points that helped guide potential future clients further down the funnel to a conversion.
  3. We then turned our attention to their content marketing. Using their new logo and brand identity, we refreshed their social media platforms and optimized their presence across channels. We developed a comprehensive social media marketing strategy that included regular social posts with the buyer’s journey in mind.
  4. To strengthen the website’s organic ranking, we established a regular blog creation and posting schedule and worked to increase the site’s authority through relevant content and desirable keywords. These efforts and a PPC and paid ads strategy worked harmoniously to increase this law firm’s digital footprint.
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