Manufacturing Case Study

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A comprehensive marketing strategy increased brand awareness, lead quality, and product sales.

  • Increased web traffic by 42% within the first six months, with 41% being new users
  • Increased web sessions by 30% and page views by 11%
  • Increased customer acquisition through paid search by 91%, with 99.8% being new users
  • Increased email open rates to 37.7%
  • Increased conversions through social media by 720% when compared to the previous year
  • Increased social media audiences across four platforms by 88% in the first six months
  • Increased social media impressions by 97%

Comprehensive Marketing for a Manufacturing Client

A fairly typical client partnership includes pursuing goals like increasing brand awareness, attracting qualified leads, lowering the cost per lead, and increasing sales. Our manufacturing client had a highly specialized product in a thriving market for which they wanted all of the above. The problem was that many companies who could benefit from their product didn’t know about it and were using more expensive and lower-quality alternatives instead.

As a result, their market share was low, and when combined with little to no word-of-mouth and poor awareness metrics, it negatively impacted the quality and quantity of their leads.

Here’s How We Did It

Building awareness in a specialized marketplace to generate the right leads while simultaneously increasing marketing ROI requires a solid, data-backed, integrated approach. Leveraging insight from our research in combination with their industry expertise and experience, we rolled one out that produced results.

  1. We began with a comprehensive audit that addressed every stage of the buyer’s journey, from awareness to decision.
  2. We worked with our client to clearly understand their goals and create a tailored integrated marketing strategy to achieve each.
  3. Then, we developed the marketing strategy’s components based on the goals: search and display ads, onsite and in-content SEO, email marketing, creating advanced lead nurturing workflows, and an overall content marketing revamp. Content marketing focuses on establishing the client as a thought leader and expert in the manufacturing industry through blogs, podcasts, and videos to build a lasting digital presence and help quality scoring across other channels.
  4. We also developed a robust referral program connected to the delivery team to engage the client’s existing customers to bring in their peers. Referrals are an extremely valuable form of warm lead generation in the B2B world.
  5. Finally, we built an active social media presence, engaging potential B2B customers and end-users who would benefit most from the product. By creating a community around the client and the vertical in which it operates, we could increase interest and engagement at every stage of the marketing process.
See what our partners say

“We have been working with the terrific team at Madison Taylor for a few months now. Most recently, we challenged them to completely rebrand all of our print marketing collateral, and we were not disappointed. The team proved to be very thorough and professional, and the results were amazing! I recommend Madison Taylor to any organization that is seeking a professional agency with a personal touch.”

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