Real Estate Case Study

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With a comprehensive marketing strategy, we helped our real estate client articulate their goals, reach the right audiences, and, ultimately, sell more homes.

  • Within six months, social channel engagement increased by 347%
  • Increased website traffic by 800%
  • Increased conversions by 60%, and overall sales increased by 32%

Challenges within The Real Estate Industry

In the saturated real estate landscape, differentiation is key. Who are you? What sets your agency apart? Can you deliver exceptional service efficiently and stay top-of-mind for clients?

Our client approached us with a multifaceted challenge: they wanted to strengthen their brand, enhance awareness through strategic social media initiatives, and improve the overall performance of their website. A misalignment between their brand and identity had negatively affected their marketing communications. They also wanted a consistent social media strategy to keep their listings current and in front of their ideal audience. Lastly, their website’s performance required significant improvement, as it was not ranking well in search results and experiencing high bounce rates.

Here’s How We Did It

To address the issues our client came to us with, we developed a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy and began with branding.

  1. We worked with our client to understand their core identity, who they wanted to market to, and how they wanted to present themselves to that audience. After these items were established, we developed a top-to-bottom integrated marketing strategy that included every owned and paid channel, from their social media to their email signatures.
  2. Next, we focused on increasing our client’s digital footprint, which, in a competitive industry like real estate, can be the difference between having a healthy base of clients and being completely forgotten. We created tailored content and managed it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to ensure we reached the right people at the right time. We incorporated engaging, relevant information like home decor tips, troubleshooting techniques for homeowners, and updates about neighborhood events to help keep the real estate agency top-of-mind for past, present, and future customers. We also leveraged social contests and digital campaigns to boost engagement across platforms.
  3. We then audited our real estate client’s website, combing through it for searchability, design optimizations, CTA placement, load speed, and more issues. Once we tackled these, we ensured that conversion points on the website were well placed, leading potential customers through the buyer’s journey from casual visitor to lead to customer.
  4. Finally, we crafted an email strategy to fortify the connections between clients and real estate professionals. We focused on ensuring that each email delivered valuable and pertinent information, strategically tailoring the content to align with the specific stage of the buyer’s journey that the recipient was navigating.
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