Case Study

Website Optimization



  • ROI of 1300% over 12 months
  • Leads increased by 84% YoY
  • Landing page conversion rate went from 7.29% to 17.44%
  • Organic traffic increased by 132% within three months
  • Time on site increased by 212% within 45 days and stayed steady for the remainder of the year



Website Optimization

The ubiquity of the internet has continued to transform and shape consumer habits over the past several years. Websites have quickly become a standard way for companies to connect with customers, fueling demand for web designers. According to a Clutch Small Business Survey, 64% of all small businesses maintain a website, while 94% of those without one say they would have one in the immediate future.

This case study underscores the importance of UI/UX design, solid development, and continued strategic optimization for organizational success. Here’s how we helped one client develop a website design and development strategy that improved their results.


Chapter 1


We started with a comprehensive examination of the client’s needs, their customer base, and their business objectives. Our goal was to utilize the site as a platform for other digital marketing activities. The entire consumer or user experience is an opportunity to educate, engage, and draw the user to any number of the CTAs throughout the site.

We also needed to build a firm brand foundation, with a focus that included consistency of fonts, logo usage, and color palette. Our goal was to facilitate consistency across the site so that the brand presence and recognition would become an important factor in the user experience.

Then, we focused on increasing website performance metrics. We looked at the organic traffic to the site, the time spent on-site, and the website conversion rate. Our goal is to convert consumers to customers. So, the longer the user stays on the site and the more engaging the content is for them, the more likely a user is to submit a contact form or respond to a CTA.


Chapter 2


We worked with this company to develop a strategy that would incorporate tried-and-true website principles into the design and development, combined with a solid understanding of who their competitors were via competitor analysis, as well as targeted personae research to connect all the dots for their users through the entire user journey.

We started with a careful examination of the user journey, based on analytics, heat mapping, lead generation, and customer feedback. Then, we built in flexibility that allowed the team to continue to make changes to the site for conversion optimization. As part of this optimization process, we developed a strong technical SEO strategy for both organic and paid search traffic.

Since the content marketing strategy is and will continue to be such an essential part of the success and continued improvements of the website, we integrated it into the process. Our goal with the content marketing strategy is to create high-quality (SEO-friendly) content that will continue to work hand-in-hand with the other elements of website design and development to drive traffic, which will then facilitate conversions and new customers/sales.

To test the veracity of our strategic approaches, we implemented A/B testing for important design and content features on the landing pages to ensure that we were delivering the finished website that had been proven to deliver the best possible results. As an added measure, we fully integrated the website into HubSpot. Our goal is to continue gathering all relevant data and analytics and then use the data to strategically improve the results now and in the future.


Chapter 3


With the website design, development, and strategy in place, we looked at the results to determine the efficacy of our efforts. We were very pleased by the results and analytics. Rather than spinning their wheels trying to drive traffic and convert new leads, the company has seen a return on investment (ROI) of 1300% over the past 12 months.

The company also saw an immediate jump in leads by 84% YoY, which positively reflects on the power of the new website design and development process, as well as the new CTA functionality that’s now more seamlessly integrated into the site.

Similarly, the landing page conversion rate went from 7.29% to an astonishing 17.44%. This proves that the company is not only gathering more leads, they’ve also been able to convert those leads into customers.

We saw other positive results when we looked at the organic traffic, which increased by an astonishing 132% within three months. The time that visitors stayed on-site also increased by 212% within 45 days. That significant increase continued to hold steady for the remainder of the year. The results speak for themselves and proved to be long-term and lasting.


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