2024 Superbowl Ads: Triumphs and Misses

By Madison Taylor
February 13, 2024

This year’s Super Bowl game was quite the spectacle, starting slow but ramping up in the fourth quarter. After learning that many players were unaware of the new NFL overtime rules — where it’s better to give than receive — the Kansas City Chiefs were ultimately crowned the victors of Super Bowl LVIII. Yet, amidst the game’s excitement, the real question remains: who emerged victorious in Super Bowl ads?

One notable aspect of this year’s Super Bowl was the variety of viewing options, with the game being available on three platforms: C.B.S., Paramount+, and Nickelodeon, the latter featuring Spongebob and Patrick as reporters. You may have seen different ads depending on which outlet you tuned into.

With that context, let’s dive into the ads themselves. This year’s ad lineup elicited various emotions, from the desire for a mullet to experiencing a blast, embracing the couch potatoes lifestyle, forgetting the essentials, and aspiring to break the internet.

The Best Super Bowl Ads of 2024

BMW “Talkin’ Like Walken

BMW’s clever utilization of the iconic Christopher Walken alongside rising star Ashley Park and Usher captivated audiences. The blend of humor and showcasing the car’s features made this ad a standout.

Verizon “Can’t B Broken

Verizon’s “Can’t B Broken” Super Bowl ad, featuring Beyoncé, stole the show with its 60-second spectacle. From revisiting her albums to dropping a surprise jazz album and even gaming on Twitch as “Slayoncé,” Beyoncé’s journey through her career culminated in a thrilling announcement of new music. With a $30 million investment, Verizon capitalized on Beyoncé’s massive fan base and iconic status, solidifying its position as a 5G technology and entertainment leader.

T-Mobile “Auditions

T-Mobile’s star-studded ad, featuring a slew of celebrities auditioning for the role of Magenta Status spokesperson, was a hit. With nods to popular culture and humor, it effectively conveyed the benefits of T-Mobile’s offerings.

Paramount Plus “Sir Patrick Stewart Throws a Hail Arnold

Paramount Plus’s Super Bowl ad weaved celebrities into an interesting story, with the added twist of them being from Paramount Plus shows. Featuring Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, Patrick Stewart, and Drew Barrymore, the ad seamlessly integrated them into a humorous narrative as they navigate challenges while climbing Paramount Mountain. This creative approach entertained audiences and effectively showcased Paramount Plus’s diverse shows and content.

Pluto TV “Couch Potato Farms

Pluto TV’s creative twist on the typical consumer goods advertisement appealed to various demographics. By showcasing the plethora of shows available on its platform, Pluto TV caught viewers by surprise in a fun and engaging manner.


Playing on the nostalgia of the hit T.V. show “Friends,” Uber Eats struck a chord with audiences by featuring Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer in a humorous scenario. The ad effectively blended pop culture and celebrities with regular scenarios to promote the theme of forgetting something so you remember Uber Eats.

Dunkin’ Donuts “The DunKings” 

This ad cleverly tapped into the widespread interest in Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s relationship, generating many memes. Seamlessly blending promotion for J Lo’s new movie with humorous nods to their dynamics, the ad also featured celebrities like Jack Harlow and athlete Tom Brady. However, the true highlight was Matt Damon, humorously playing on his long-term friendship with Ben Affleck.

Marvel Studios “Deadpool & Wolverine Official Marvel Teaser

The long-awaited teaser featuring Deadpool and Wolverine entering the Marvel Cinematic Universe generated immense excitement among fans. This trailer became the most-watched trailer of all time, with 365 million views within 24 hours of release. Ryan Reynolds’s charisma and clever social media post added to the anticipation surrounding the movie.

e.l.f Cosmetics “In e.l.f we Trust

By leveraging the popularity of Judge Judy and the T.V. show “Suits,” named the most-streamed show in 2023, E.L.F. Cosmetics effectively promoted its brand. The familiarity of the characters helped viewers focus on the message being conveyed.

YouTube Sunday Ticket “Migration

YouTube TV’s humorous take on National Geographic did a good job connecting its migration theme to football. The ad cleverly targeted its audience and emphasized the ease of watching their favorite sport.

M&M’s “Almost Champions Ring of Comfort

With the help of famous athletes and celebrities, M&M’s created a humorous ad. The concept of “almost champions” and the rings made from the sighs of almost-champions Terrell Owens, Bruce Smith, and Scarlett Johansson and the transformation of M&M’s Peanut Butter into diamonds added an entertaining twist.

Mountain Dew “Aubrey Plaza Is Always Having A Blast

Featuring Aubrey Plaza, known for her personality, Mountain Dew delivered a fun and energetic ad that effectively showcased the brand’s message. Plaza being herself and the smooth inclusion of her “Parks and Recreation” co-star Nick Offerman added to the ad’s appeal.

Kawasaki “Mullets

Making its debut at the Super Bowl, Kawasaki’s ad struck a nostalgic chord reminiscent of early 2000s Super Bowl commercials. Kawasaki did a good job of balancing humor to portray its work-meets-play concept.

Super Bowl Ads That Fell Short in 2024

While the Super Bowl is known for showcasing some of the year’s most memorable and impactful advertisements, only some hit the mark. Here’s a look at some of the ads from the 2024 Super Bowl that we wanted more from:

Hellmann’s “Mayo Cat

Featuring Kate McKinnon and a cat whose meow sounds like mayo, this ad attempted to capitalize on rise-to-fame tropes. However, it felt like a recycled version of Doritos’ 2023 Triangle ad, lacking the same comedic punch. While amusing, it lacked the originality and impact needed to stand out in the crowded Super Bowl ad landscape.

Pringles “Mr. P

Like Hellmann’s “Mayo Cat” spot, Pringles’ Mr. P ad followed a reused trope and storyline without adding anything new or innovative. Having Chris Pratt play Mr.P is also coincidental since many people got tired of him being cast to voice characters in Super Mario Bros and Garfield, which were announced close in time. The ad fell flat, failing to engage viewers or leave a lasting impression.

Silk “Feel Planty Good

We are all glad Jeremy Renner has recovered after running himself over with his snow plow in January. While Renner’s smooth moves and nod to his action-packed roles added charm to this ad, it lacked depth and creativity. The simplicity of the concept was overshadowed by the desire for something more memorable and impactful.

Budweiser “Old School Delivery

Budweiser’s ad featuring its beloved Clydesdales and a puppy during a snowstorm had the potential for heartwarming storytelling. However, it felt predictable and failed to deliver the emotional resonance expected from the brand’s Super Bowl commercials.

Coors Light “The Coors Light Chill Train

While the full 1:30 spot of this ad is better, the shortened version aired during the Super Bowl felt like an elaborate use of celebrity without a clear message or storyline. The ad lacked cohesion and failed to connect with viewers effectively.

Michelob ULTRA “Superior Beach

Despite featuring soccer star Lionel Messi and cameos from Jason Sudeikis and Dan Marino, this ad lacked a compelling story. Viewers were left wanting more depth and substance, resulting in a forgettable commercial experience.

Snapchat “Less social media. More Snapchat.”

While this ad attempted to convey a heartfelt message about unplugging from social media, it ultimately missed the mark. The reversal of messaging at the end, promoting Snapchat as an alternative, felt disingenuous and contradictory. Additionally, targeting different generations with conflicting messaging hindered driving home Snapchat’s message.

Super Bowl Advertising Costs

The Super Bowl is renowned for its immense price tag, with companies shelling out millions for just a few seconds of airtime. In 2024, the average price of a 30-second Super Bowl ad reached a staggering $7 million, underscoring the immense value placed on getting the massive audience that tunes in to the game. While some still question if a Super Bowl ad is worth the cost, this year’s Super Bowl became the most-watched television broadcast since the United States landed on the moon in 1969. Super Bowl 2024 set a new record, with Nielsen reporting that 202.4 million watched part of the game across all networks. 

Despite the hefty price tag, advertisers continue to flock to the Super Bowl, viewing it as a unique opportunity to significantly impact and generate buzz for their brands. However, with the rise of digital media and alternative advertising platforms, some have questioned the ROI of Super Bowl ads. Nevertheless, the allure of the Super Bowl remains strong, with advertisers willing to invest substantial sums to be part of the conversation on one of the biggest stages in advertising.

Final Thoughts

The Super Bowl 2024 showcased various advertisements that were entertaining, amusing, and resonated with audiences. This year felt somewhat “safe” compared to Super Bowl ads in 2023, which had some controversial and innovative spots. From blockbuster movie teasers to heartwarming narratives, advertisers pulled out all the stops to capture the attention of viewers worldwide. While the cost to advertise during the Super Bowl continues to rise, the event’s enduring appeal ensures that advertisers will keep coming back year after year, eager to leave their mark.