3 Ways to Optimize Your Landing Pages

By Madison Taylor
January 2, 2022
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A landing page is a page that customers, or potential customers, will “land upon” on your website. In terms of marketing your business, a landing page is a standalone web page that can help you highlight a specific campaign, marketing strategy, or service or product offered. Mastering website optimization, and certainly conversion optimization, can be complex, especially when building from scratch to introduce a new conversion path.

What Makes a Good Landing Page?

A good landing page will help convince potential customers to perform some type of action whether it’s connecting with your company, purchasing something, providing information, or sharing the content elsewhere. Your landing page strategy is one of the most important components of your overall marketing strategy as it’s one of the most frequently viewed assets of an organization and often serves as an introduction between customers and your brand — and we all know how important first impressions are.

When optimizing your landing page, the goal is to increase the conversion rate. Getting people to click on your landing page is only part of the battle. What’s more important is to assess its effectiveness and ability to produce the desired results — sales! The landing page is only as good as the conversion rate it provides for your company.

Optimizing Your Landing Page

Let’s take a look at three simple ways to optimize your landing page and increase your conversion rates:

Get Your Strategy in Place

Before you can really begin to optimize your landing page, setting a strategy and outlining clear goals can help make sure you stay on track — it also avoids time lost from “shooting in the dark.”

Before creating the landing page, work on setting goals, defining your target audience, and nailing down exactly what design features you’d like to see incorporated. To do this, you can even create a buyer persona, which is basically a fictional character who represents what your ideal target customers would look like. By creating a buyer persona, you will be able to identify some important factors pertaining to your marketing strategy. For example:

  • Demographic Info
  • What a customer is looking for/to achieve
  • What problem does the customer need to solve?

Optimize Your Page for Mobile Viewing

We live in a world where customers are not always by their computers anymore. Optimizing your website for use on mobile devices is important for SEO purposes and overall usability, accessibility, and convenience. Especially when you consider the fact that people now access websites on mobile devices more than desktop and laptop computers. What’s more, one recent study found that 60% of consumers use mobile devices exclusively to make purchase decisions.

Optimizing your landing page for mobile viewing is all about making sure the content loads quickly on mobile devices and that everything looks exactly the way you want it to. If your website looks wonky, people are likely to leave it without following through on the intended action — and even more so if it’s slow to load. People are used to lightning-fast loading times these days and simply won’t tolerate anything less!

There are various tools available at your fingertips to help you test and improve your website speeds on both desktop and mobile devices.

Use Simplicity to Your Advantage

It’s easy to get carried away with ideas for your landing page, but the most important thing is to stay on task with increasing its effectiveness. Keep your landing page free of clutter and excessive information. Stick to the basics and the most important information you want your viewers to see. The goal of your landing page should be blatantly obvious to your viewers, and they shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to get to the information they’re looking for.

One way to optimize your landing page is to make sure its design is clean and simple. Use color wisely and pick colors that are attractive to the eye, yet easy to read. Another tip is not to be afraid to use white space. Many organizations creating a landing page will want to use every bit of the space, which seems logical.

However, putting too much on your landing page can overwhelm website viewers. One study found that conversion rates may increase up to 14% with a landing page that is less cluttered. When creating landing pages:

  • Avoid elaborate explanations and lengthy, overwhelming paragraphs.
  • Use high-quality graphics.
  • Use testimonials and social proof that is accurate and reputable.
  • Leave white spaces and limit navigation to other pages.
  • Provide a call to action that is simple but effective.

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