4 Design Tips to Improve Website Conversion!

By Madison Taylor
December 22, 2016

We believe in Santa Clause… do you?

This year, the fat (sorry – “full figured”) man in the red suit stuffed our stockings with something especially cool — marketing advice! Yes, Santa Clause understands how hard we’ve worked all year and wanted to make sure that he did his part to help us kick off the new year with high website conversion rates that would set us up for the highest level of success. And because we’re in the spirit of giving, we’ve decided to share his gift with you. If you don’t believe in Santa, you will by the end of this post!

Tip #1: Less Is More

You work really hard to draw your target audience to your website. You’re constantly developing fresh, new content and creating eye-catching videos and infographics. You’re on top of your daily posts to social media. After all that effort, you want to make sure that your website visitors see everything that your brand has to offer! Unfortunately, trying to cram everything down your visitors’ throats can be very overwhelming and can actually cause them to navigate away from your page before they even take a look at what makes your brand so great.

When it comes to web design, less really is more. You can keep your page simple and clean while still providing your readers with enough information to excite and inspire. In fact, revealing information little by little and requiring your visitors to click through to “learn more” will keep them engaged and interested, thus increasing the likelihood of a sale.

Tip #2: Be Accessible — Anywhere, Anytime

In today’s world, you absolutely cannot afford to forget about your mobile audience. Such a large chunk of consumers are doing their research and shopping while on-the-go that your website needs to be responsive to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets — or else! And that means you need to consider all types of mobile devices. Whether it’s being accessed on iOS or Android, your website needs to be easy to use in order to keep traffic coming to your page and staying there long enough to make a purchase.

Tip #3: Focus on Navigation

Regardless of whether a user is accessing your page from a PC or a mobile device, time is of the essence. You only get one chance to make a first impression, and your users will make a decision about whether or not to remain on your page very quickly. They want to find solutions to their problems and helpful information quickly, and you need to leave an easy-to-follow breadcrumb trail for them to follow. Navigation should be simple and intuitive, not overly complex with columns of drop-down menus and confusing sub-menus. Again, keep it simple, and always include a search bar for your customers.

Tip #4: Back to ABC!

Remember that old sales acronym “Always Be Closing”? Well, it’s a staple for a reason! Surprisingly, we’ve seen a lot of businesses forget about this concept when designing their websites. When you consider how much business comes through the Internet these days, forgetting to close the deal is absolutely insane. By the time your prospect has arrived at your site, they’ve already put time into researching products and your brand — and they’re ready to make a buying decision. Don’t drop the ball here! Instead, help your customers finalize their purchases with ease by including clear and concise CTAs and a means of contacting your business for assistance or further information.

See? Santa IS real, and he knows his stuff!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you from the team at Madison Taylor Marketing! We’re ready to help you boost your sales and brand image in the new year and beyond. Give us a shout!