AdRoll, Hubspot and ABM

By Madison Taylor
May 7, 2020
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For B2B companies, account-based marketing is quickly taking over as the most popular and most effective tool to bring in and convert new, high-value accounts. ABM offers better conversion, higher ROI, and more personalization than any other form of traditional marketing — and it’s all made possible with technology.

Thanks to modern software, tracking, and analytics, it’s finally possible (dare we say easy?) to track dozens or even hundreds of accounts, deliver the right content, and move them down the pipeline to becoming paying customers. And for some of the best software options, look no further than AdRoll and Hubspot.

Why Switch to ABM?

You might actually already be using ABM, even if you’re not calling it that. Most B2B businesses have that one big account in mind that they’d love to land, and you might even have put together a special presentation for the main decision-maker at that company. That’s all ABM is — finding target accounts that will be a good fit for your company, finding out who you need to talk to at those companies, and then crafting and delivering the right content to bring them on board.

It’s a little more involved than the spray-and-pray approach of putting the same ad copy all over the internet, but the benefits speak for themselves:

  • Clear ROI. Virtually all marketing campaigns waste some amount of their money since, by necessity, you’re putting your message in front of people that may not even be interested in your product. With ABM, the only people that see your marketing are the ones you hand-picked, so it’s much easier to track your work.
  • Personalization. All marketers know that people respond better to marketing that feels personal — even if it’s as simple as putting their name in an email subject. ABM is completely tailored to the target account you’re pitching, so it’s as personal as it gets.
  • Aligning sales and marketing. Since ABM is done on an account-by-account basis, there’s none of the usual disagreement over the quality of leads. Everyone’s working on the same page.
  • Tracking goals. Rather than looking at hundreds of thousands of web page impressions, social engagements, or ad clicks, you’re only examining a small set of data about a particular account. It’s easier than ever to analyze the effectiveness of your campaigns.

AdRoll ABM

In 2017, AdRoll launched its latest offering — AdRoll ABM. The goal of the new software is to help marketers, specifically their B2B clients, to overcome the challenges of converting leads:

  • Long sales cycles
  • Software platforms that don’t easily communicate with one another
  • Difficulty tracking customer touchpoints along the buyer’s journey
  • Prioritization of quantity of leads over quality

These obstacles are only worsened by a lack of sales and marketing alignment — when the two departments can’t agree on which customers to pursue and how to pursue them, time and money get wasted.

AdRoll ABM is designed to help solve those problems. “With 10 years of research and development in our bidding technology, we saw an opportunity to leverage that capability with marketers who were looking to target very specific accounts as a part of their ABM strategy,” said Peter Clark, head of B2B product at AdRoll. “We already serve over 16,000 B2B customers and saw a need to create a full-funnel solution customized to their complex, high-ROI pipeline. The B2B marketer faces many challenges, but with AdRoll ABM, finding the right solution to identify valuable leads will not be one of them.”

AdRoll and Hubspot

One of the most important pieces of an account-based marketing strategy is simply keeping track of people — who you want to contact, whether you’ve contacted them and how recently, which materials they’ve seen and which they should see next, and so on. Creating a personalized approach to each of your customers requires a CRM to help you keep track, and Hubspot has long been one of the best.

Hubspot is integrated with AdRoll ABM seamlessly, allowing marketers and B2B companies to connect their Hubspot CRM data via the Hubspot Connector for campaign targeting. AdRoll imports contact information from Hubspot so that marketers can target and personalize advertising to key accounts leveraging CRM data, then reports data back so that Hubspot users can access reporting from their CRM dashboards.

ABM is the best way for B2B businesses and marketers to maximize their marketing dollars, and using the right software tools is a vital component of that strategy. With AdRoll, Hubspot, and ABM, you’ll be unstoppable.