B2B Lead Generation Strategies for 2023

By Madison Taylor
February 15, 2023

Most B2B organizations focus on quality lead generation to grow and maintain their business. This focus requires a solid lead generation strategy. Uncertain economic conditions in 2023 make this effort even more essential for your company’s success. You can increase your quality lead production by consistently embracing a few proven strategies and adapting them to your company’s needs.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a crucial component of B2B lead generation. 71% of B2B marketers report that it has become more important to them in the last year. For some, content creation may seem too passive to be effective. Creating your own content is an organic way to build website traffic, increase brand awareness, and create audience trust. These elements naturally generate more leads for your business.

And the numbers do not lie. Quality content production creates three times more leads than outbound marketing while costing less, 62% less, to be exact. Organizations need to invest in content marketing as it is vital in supporting sales.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO must be addressed when discussing how to generate B2B leads. Search engine optimization is still ranked as one of the best marketing tactics when considering ROI. As a result, nearly 90% of B2B companies plan to keep or increase their SEO level in 2023.

Organizations should create a detailed SEO strategy to make SEO effective. First, you need to determine what topics you want to be associated with your company. You will need to research and choose long tail keywords. Finally, your keywords must be used naturally in your copy. Google’s algorithm penalizes copy written solely for rankings and not meaning. Your marketing team members should be experts in this method.

Social Selling

You can also generate significant B2B leads through targeted social selling. You need to reach your customers where they are, and many are on social media – sometimes for hours a day. The usual subjects, such as LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook, are all inexpensive platforms for lead generation. You should build and maintain your profiles there and post quality content regularly.

Posting on social media gives companies multiple opportunities to place CTAs that drive website traffic. You can link product pages to social media content and make it easy for consumers to buy your items or services.

But you should not stop there. Recent trends, such as social media shopping tools and using social media messaging for customer service, are growing. Fifteen percent of marketers plan to try social media messaging for the first time in 2023. Almost 30% of Gen Z and Millennials purchased an item on social media last quarter, so it might be worth investigating.

Automated Email Marketing

You may be surprised by the effectiveness of automated email marketing. Promotional emails, event reminders, and newsletters provide a considerable ROI of 4,400% while driving the highest click-through rate of digital media methods. The content in your newsletter generates quality B2B leads with little investment of money or labor. Automated emails go to people who have agreed to receive them, so you are not invading anyone’s privacy. They are free to unsubscribe anytime, so you are reaching an interested audience.

You can use automated email to send links to service guides and tutorials, offering added value to current and potential clients. It’s also an excellent way to revisit lost and closed sales clients.

Your current automation tools should allow you to send automated emails, or you may need to choose another provider. Your marketing team will guide you toward the best choice for your business.

Video Marketing

Video is everywhere, and it appeals to everyone. Eighty-six percent of video marketers believe videos are valuable for generating leads. Visual content grabs people’s attention, often entertaining them as it informs. Consumers remember video over flat images and generic copy.

Creating lead-generating videos requires audience research and a certain level of expertise. Your marketing partner can help you define your video goals, create the video, and place it on the right platforms.

Final Thoughts

B2B lead generation strategies 2023: They are key to your company’s success. Creating an effective program does not require new tricks, though. Instead, it depends on enhancing proven strategies. Content marketing, SEO, automated email, and video marketing are all strategies that have consistently worked in years past and continue to produce solid B2B leads. Building your lead-generation campaign is more straightforward with expert help. Do not overlook the potential of improving your level of success by working with a full-service marketing agency.