Digital Marketing Strategies for Technology Companies

By Madison Taylor
February 4, 2023
Digital Marketing Strategies for Technology Companies

The technology industry has been growing exponentially throughout the last few years. With approximately 1.35 million tech-related companies created each year, technology companies face increased competition and new challenges in maintaining and growing a share of the target consumer audience. That’s why focusing on technology marketing strategies is more critical than ever. Digital marketing strategies for technology companies are necessary for any company to get noticed in today’s highly competitive, oversaturated marketplace.

It doesn’t matter how good a product or service might be — without effective marketing strategies for technology companies, consumers or other businesses won’t notice it. Over 60% of tech businesses fail within the first five years. But by developing comprehensive technology marketing strategies, a tech business can potentially reduce the risk of failure and improve its chances for success.

Marketing Strategies for Technology Companies

Here are marketing strategies that technology companies can use to translate their solutions into marketable products that resonate with prospects.

Improving Brand Recognition

Before purchasing a product or service, a customer will first want to know more about the company. Subsequently, one of technology companies’ most important marketing strategies to focus on is brand communication. Good, consistent branding across multiple channels helps customers remember your company and improves its ROI. However, brand communication is a long, ongoing process. Tech companies must be prepared to strive to maintain a positive brand image continually.

Content Marketing

Developing unique, informative, and engaging content offers tech companies a viable option for reaching new customers. Producing content on a steady basis also serves to improve brand recognition and maintain a robust and loyal customer base. Content marketing involves more than publishing blog posts. A multichannel approach to content marketing involves social media, email, newsletters, podcasts, and more. Tech companies, in particular, can benefit from content marketing since it showcases various products and services and teaches prospective customers the value they receive if they make a purchase.

Video Marketing

Videos are highly digestible, shareable, and more memorable than static text content. Videos can make a more significant impact on an audience and can be used for a variety of purposes: branding videos can tell the company’s story to customers, product videos can showcase a product’s features and benefits, and testimonial videos can give potential customers a consumer viewpoint that helps propel them further along the customer journey map.

Product Marketing

Content marketing and video marketing go a long way toward promoting and selling a product or service. But there are additional methods that also bear fruit. Offer free guides or content in exchange for email addresses. Individuals interested in product guides or product-specific content are more likely to convert, giving your tech company an easy way to generate leads.

Contributing guest posts to other blogs and websites showcases a company’s products or services. It also creates reputable backlinks that drive traffic to the company’s website or product landing page.

Email Marketing

Although this technology marketing strategy has been around for decades, it is still a highly viable, cost-effective option. Once a technology company has a decent list of subscribers, it can begin offering valuable content. Company emails can include content ranging from tips about using products to announcing industry news. Segmented email campaigns can truly personalize emails for specific customer personas and demographics.

B2B Marketing Strategies for Tech Companies

Getting the message out to consumers is one thing, but it takes slightly different marketing strategies for technology companies to reach the B2B sector. Many of the above digital marketing strategies will still need to be used but may focus on different aspects of the company or products.

For example, content marketing remains a necessary component of successful B2B marketing strategies for tech companies. However, the content itself might focus more on the technical aspects of a product. Additionally, the content should position the tech company as an authority in the industry, and the products or services should showcase how they solve problems.

Email marketing is also important for the B2B sector. It is a reliable, direct means of communicating with an audience and promoting a product to another business. Email marketing develops a strong line of communication with prospects and existing customers. To stand out from other companies also sending customers and clients multiple emails, tech companies should consider interactive email marketing or embedded videos.

Final Thoughts

Marketing strategies for technology companies involve getting information about a company’s products or services to the right people. In such a highly competitive industry, this is easier said than done. However, partnering with a full-service digital marketing agency can give tech companies an edge and enable them to expand their marketing reach significantly.