How Marketing Can Improve Your Customer Experience (CX)

By Madison Taylor
May 25, 2023
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Every business understands the importance of providing customers with a positive experience. With 89% of businesses competing primarily based on customer experience (CX), brands simply cannot neglect this important component to success. Furthermore, in a recent report from PWC, 73% of consumers said that CX is a deciding factor in purchasing decisions.

The customer experience sets the tone for how customers perceive a brand. For this reason, businesses must prioritize delivering a streamlined, fully optimized customer experience to deliver a better experience than competitors. This article will explore ways to improve customer experience with carefully thought-out marketing strategies.

Use Automation to Your Advantage

Staff in marketing roles have many important tasks to complete, which can mean a significant cognitive load. To reduce the burden, smart businesses are using automated technology as an easy way to improve customer experience and make tasks easier with better outcomes. With so many tools for automation available, it simply makes sense to use automation as part of your customer experience marketing strategy.

From appointment scheduling to data collection and analysis, businesses in any industry can effectively utilize automation technology. Not only is using automation one of the easiest ways to improve customer experience, but it also takes repetitive tasks off the plate of marketing staff.

Link Marketing Analytics with Product Analytics

Marketing analytics focuses heavily on customer interaction strategies long before they make a purchase — even before they’re aware of the company. In contrast, product analytics focuses on improving the customer experience after a purchase has already been made. Brands can learn important insights to better tailor customer communications by paying attention to these analytics.

For example, if a previously active customer becomes inactive, staff can reach out to provide a personalized experience and learn what may have gone wrong. This offers the company an opportunity to remedy the customer experience and improve retention rates.

Gather Customer Feedback

Today’s customers want to feel seen and heard by companies. Remember, the best way to gain insight into what customers desire is to ask them yourself. To do so, gather customer feedback to get first-hand information and ways to improve customer experience. If you’re using traditional surveys to gather customer feedback, be sure to leave an area for open-ended responses.

While multiple-choice questions can be useful, open-ended responses give customers the opportunity to express their thoughts openly. The information gathered through customer feedback helps brands understand their strengths and identify areas to improve customer experience. Without a space for open-ended responses, customers may feel frustrated — especially if multiple-choice questions aren’t applicable — and get a wrong impression.

Don’t Ignore Analyzed Data

Collecting customer data is only half the battle. Many brands collect important data about the CX, but neglect to analyze and utilize the data appropriately. One of the most effective ways to improve customer experience is by using data to understand customer preferences.

After brands have gained a clear understanding of a customer’s needs, it’s easier to strategize new approaches that will effectively improve the customer experience. Regularly analyzing data should be a key component of every business’s marketing practices.

Showcasing Customers

Another way to use digital marketing to improve the customer experience is by featuring star customers. Whether it’s a social media post highlighting key clients or sharing client stories, there are endless ways to showcase customers as the champion of a brand. Not only does this marketing approach help brands gain visibility, but it also shows customers that a brand deeply cares about its customers.

Create Moments of Delight

The employees of any business play a vital role in enhancing the customer experience. Undoubtedly, employees must understand their role in the CX as they interact with customers daily. Companies can explore ways to create intentional moments for customers, while also going above and beyond the competition.

Whether it’s a bonus offer or responding individually to customers’ feedback, there are many approaches that can be taken to create moments of delight. While these actions may seem small, customers are likely to remember these small touches.

Many companies have brainstormed creative “moments of delight” ideas, such as Chewy’s hand-written notes to pets on birthdays and holidays. This personalized touch has gained lots of recognition for the brand, which seeks to enhance each customer’s experience.

Final Thoughts

Partnering with a marketing agency can help brands explore new ways to tighten up the customer experience for enhanced success. Using smart marketing approaches, such as gathering customer feedback and creating moments of delight, can make a significant difference in creating an exceptional customer experience. Implementing these innovative approaches can help organizations reach their goals and stand out within their industry.