How to Optimize Traditional Advertising

By Madison Taylor
September 1, 2023
group of people watching man work at a whiteboard

In the rush to embrace cutting-edge, tech-driven solutions equipped with comprehensive metrics and dazzling dashboards, many companies make the mistake of overlooking the enduring value of traditional advertising channels. While digital advertising continues to surge, it is crucial to recognize that traditional advertising remains a potent asset within any well-rounded marketing strategy.

In today’s digital age, traditional advertising operates primarily as a complement to your digital marketing endeavors. The ultimate purchase decision will most likely occur online, so regard your traditional ads as an additional conduit, guiding people to your website, where they can access the necessary information to make their purchase decision.

To harness the full potential of both traditional and digital channels, an integrated approach is paramount. Every company’s strategy may differ, but the following examples illustrate how traditional channels can be optimized to harmonize with the digital realm.

Utilize Intent Data for Refined Cold Calling

Cold calling, as a standalone strategy, can be inherently inefficient, often requiring dedicated personnel to make each call. This approach limits the volume of calls and renders an unsuccessful call a wasted effort.

However, when you infuse cold calling with the intent data you’ve amassed from your other channels, it instantly transforms into a more personalized and effective form of communication. Marketers can leverage intent data to identify prospects actively seeking a particular solution, discern what other solutions they might be considering, gauge their readiness to purchase, and pinpoint their specific needs. Armed with this invaluable information, marketers can compile specific lists of prospects who are most likely to welcome a phone call, thereby saving time and enhancing the return on investment (ROI).

Merge Geotargeting with Traditional Content

While the geotargeting capabilities of traditional media are often rudimentary, they can be substantially improved by integrating geographic data harvested from your digital channels. Leveraging location data from your website visitors and social media followers, you can pinpoint the physical locations where your customers and potential customers predominantly spend their time.

With this location data in hand, integrate it with the demographic information outlined in your buyer personas. Depending on your target audience, you might deduce that they’re more inclined to tune in to sports radio than pop music, allowing you to strategically place ads on the right radio stations. Although traditional ads themselves may not offer rich engagement or return data, optimizing ad placement to the best of your ability is a valuable asset.

Enhance Lead Nurturing with Direct Mail

Email marketing, as reflected in Mailchimp’s benchmarks, yields an average open rate of 21.33 percent across all industries. In contrast, Postalytics reports that direct mail boasts an impressive open rate of 80 to 90 percent, resulting in a 37 percent higher response rate compared to email.

Lead nurturing is a pivotal component of conversion rate optimization. Typically, it entails a personal follow-up to prospective customers, with email being the go-to choice for most companies. However, the deluge of online communication, from emails to social media messages, can overwhelm potential customers.

To combat the risk of your email being lost in the digital noise, supplement your lead-nurturing messages with physical direct mailings to prospects. Opt for premium collateral featuring meticulously crafted messaging and visuals rather than generic form letters on plain paper. The objective is to stand out with a tangible letter, postcard, or even a small gift as a token of appreciation for considering your offer and agreeing to an appointment. The additional level of personalization offered by direct mail can help build trust and address your prospect’s needs directly, thereby guiding them down the conversion funnel.

Incorporating traditional advertising channels thoughtfully into your digital-focused marketing strategy can yield a synergistic approach that optimizes engagement, reach, and return on investment. Don’t underestimate the enduring power of traditional advertising in a digital world; instead, leverage it to bolster your overall marketing prowess.