Is 2021 the Year to Hire a Digital Agency?

By Madison Taylor
January 18, 2021
Group of business professionals in meeting room on tablets and laptops

Is it time for you to bring in outside help? Here are a few signs to look out for.

Sales Have Plateaued

The number one reason to hire a marketing agency is to drive performance. You may have secondary goals — increasing awareness of your brand, launching a new product, or expanding into a new market — but all these objectives are in service of raising revenue.

If you’ve hit a wall when it comes to growing your organization and aren’t sure where to turn, a marketing agency can be a tremendous asset. Expert marketers will examine every aspect of your company to find the areas you can improve, the audiences you should be targeting, and the most attractive selling points of your product or service and your brand.

Website Traffic and Conversions are Low

In today’s digital world, your website is the hub of your business. It’s the only place on the web that you can completely control, from branding to messaging to imagery. It’s also your top salesperson, working 24 hours a day to convert visitors to paying customers.

If your website isn’t getting enough traffic, or if your website conversions are low, it’s a good indicator that your marketing isn’t optimized. A digital marketing agency can help identify the issues, areas of potential, and new initiatives to achieve your organizational goals. As part of an integrated marketing strategy, they can also provide a comprehensive marketing strategy, including channels targeted to your audience designed to drive website traffic and conversions. .

You’re Not Utilizing Data

Analyzing and tracking data is as essential as creating high-quality marketing materials. In addition to building campaigns, an agency will continuously test, measure, and iterate marketing materials to determine what’s working and what’s not, based on data, to drive measurable improvement in your marketing efforts.

You’re Out of Your Depth

Sometimes, you simply don’t know where to start. The world of digital marketing can be overwhelming. There are dozens of social media sites, email marketing, paid ads, search ads, organic SEO, and more factors to consider, in addition to the questions of messaging and scheduling.

If you need expertise, a digital marketing agency is a perfect partner to have on board. When you hire a marketing agency, you can focus on other areas while the marketers worry about the particulars of strategy, execution, and analysis. Talk to Madison Taylor Marketing

Madison Taylor Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency focused on honest, transparent marketing and organizational success. We deliver a high-level marketing strategy across all your channels, paired with enterprise-level tools and technologies to deliver on marketing objectives. If you’re ready to take your company’s marketing seriously, get in touch today.