Is Your “About Us Page” Scaring Away Customers?

By Madison Taylor
July 21, 2015
an image of people in the middle of the street seemingly running form a threat

Consumers have learned, often through trial and error, that the best companies are ones they can get to know and trust. When you first come across a new company, what do you do? Well, if you’re like most people, you check out their website and poke around a bit.¬†One popular area to hit almost immediately is a company’s About Us page. It may be under a different name — Who We Are, for instance — but the content should be familiar. This is where you can learn certain details about a business — what they do, what they’re all about, the standards they hold dear, etc.

Unfortunately, many businesses miss out on this opportunity. Some even scare away customers due to what’s written in the About Us section of their site. How can you avoid making this same mistake? You can start by avoiding these common errors:


If the first thing a potential customer sees on your About Us page is a bunch of bragging, you’ll come across as desperate instead of accomplished. Instead, this page should start off by telling the potential customer how your company’s products or services can help them. Leave the bragging to what your customers say about you once they’ve had a good experience.


Although some people may tell you that the key to a successful About Us page is brevity, the real key is relevance. Each statement that you make should be relevant to how your company can assist a potential lead with a problem or desire they have. Explain to them what your company does, tell a brief history of how you got started, what you bring to the table for new and existing customers, etc., but avoid blabbering on too much or you’ll get the obligatory “TL;DR” response.

Marketing Jargon

The last thing you want in your About Us page is a bunch of marketing jargon. Yes, companies love marketing and it’s important, but almost nothing turns consumers off faster than phrases they’re heard a thousand times before like “Our customer service is top-notch.” Everyone says that stuff. Instead, give solid facts that back up the position of your company and how you can become an essential part of a potential consumer’s life.

Lack of a Personality

Do you ever enjoy calling customer service and listening to a robot for half an hour? Of course not, and neither do your potential customers. When someone visits your About Us page and it feels as if it’s been written by C-3PO, it’s going to be an instant turn-off (unless you run a Star Wars site, perhaps). Just show a little personality and you’ll do fine. How do you do that? Write the About Us page as if you’re telling your friends about a cool new website or maybe even a fun movie you just saw.

No Images

Human beings are visual creatures. We like to look at pretty things, even if they’re simple. Although you may view your About Us page as nothing more than a way to get a written statement across, adding an engaging image will make the page more appealing. Just make sure that the image is colorful and friendly. No need for an infographic in this area of your site. Keep it simple.

The way you design your entire website, including your About Us page, can often turn a customer on or off to your products or services. Madison Taylor Marketing can take over every aspect of your marketing strategy, including your site, and help you either improve your strategy or create an entirely new one. Contact us today and get started on the road to a better marketing plan!