SEO Content Strategies for SaaS Companies

By Madison Taylor
December 25, 2022

To drive quality traffic to a website through organic search results, organizations need to keep search engine optimization (SEO) in mind when creating content. The SaaS industry, more than most, requires a laser focus on SEO to generate organic traffic from people who find their website on the search engine results page (SERP).

Some SaaS companies take a comprehensive approach to create SEO-driven content, ensuring the content on their website is rooted in SEO. Others may publish a few blogs that follow SEO best practices and leave it at that. Companies need to pay attention to the search terms people are using and the keywords the competition uses or risk missing out on the potential organic traffic their content could produce.

Harnessing the power of SEO for SaaS requires strategy, research, constant monitoring, and technical expertise. The following SEO methods will help keep a SaaS organization near the top of the search engine results page and avoid the oblivion of being on page two.

Use the Right Number of Targeted Keyword Posts

SEO content for SaaS has to be finely tuned, more so than SEO for other industry segments. Experts recognize that SaaS content marketing is one of the industry’s most competitive segments. Due to this competitiveness, companies may double or triple down on some keywords to try and outpace their competition.

In this case, less may be more. Writing too much content can be counterproductive. When pushing “SEO content strategy SaaS,” content writers should aim for one page that Google recognizes as covering the topic. Adding a second or worse, a third will confuse search engines and cause the company’s search results to plunge. They should create one SEO-optimized page for each targeted keyword to garner higher search engine results.

Acquire a High Number of Quality Links

A webpage with a healthy number of quality links with a high authority score makes it easier for search engines to crawl them and deem them relevant. While there isn’t a perfect number of links to include on a page, SaaS companies should focus on what links would help answer a prospective customer’s question. This means companies must continually assess their position on Google’s results page and work to make sure the links they use in their content carry weight.

Content should have as many quality links as possible. Personnel should check that authoritative sources are linking to their website. Only relevant inbound links help, like those from a highly regarded business journal or expert in the field.

Ensuring quality links from authoritative sources for SEO is essential and helps tell Google and other search engines that your content is relevant to what a user is searching.

Employ Gifted SEO Technicians

A technical SEO specialist can significantly strengthen a company’s SaaS SEO content. This in-house or contracted individual handles the script and tag management (GTM), website speed performance, and implementation of structured data (schema markup). They also work with the company’s infrastructure team to make the entire website more effective.

With an SEO expert’s support, companies can ensure their content remains competitive in search engine results. They need to implement the latest tools and strategies to stay ahead.

Build a Content Strategy

Many websites contain a mixture of content created by in-house and freelance writers. An organization needs a content strategy to have cohesion between diverse sources.

Companies must create a content strategy that defines their SEO strategy, outlines their target keywords, and implement it consistently throughout their content. A content strategist should ensure all copy reflects the website’s agreed-upon voice, messaging, and keywords.

While many companies rely upon product/service blogs for their SEO results, other content, such as that from educational repositories, works well for SaaS companies. They tend to have broad, well-informed customer bases who often run keyword-adjacent searches. Reaching a smaller, more motivated audience can increase sales better than a more general approach.

Final Thoughts

SEO optimization for SaaS should be a priority if companies want the benefits of targeted content. Because of the competitive nature of the industry, SaaS companies need an in-depth strategy for maximizing their website content SEO. SEO optimization requires constant monitoring and consistent implementation to make a difference and generate organic traffic.

Maintaining a high number of quality inbound links is key to SEO SaaS content effectiveness, as is focusing articles on targeted keywords that align with what your target audience is searching. Expert technical help and a cohesive and consistent content strategy are essential.

While perfection isn’t attainable, if SaaS companies want to get the most out of their content, they need to put in the time to make sure content is SEO-driven. Being relevant, providing valuable information, and being near the top of Google search results is the goal, and staying off the second page is basic survival. A well-honed SaaS content marketing effort is key to company success.