The Benefits of Blogging: Why Your Company Needs a Blog

By Madison Taylor
January 25, 2023
Benefits of blogging

Any strong marketing strategy needs to be comprised of several components. One of the most important is blogging. Unfortunately, blogging is often overlooked as a viable marketing strategy simply because many companies don’t have someone to write content consistently. But the benefits of blogging for business are undeniable, so businesses that wish to remain competitive need to make it a regular part of their marketing campaign.

What Are the Benefits of a Blog

There are a variety of benefits of having a blog on your website. Some of the benefits of blogging for business include:

  • Increasing website traffic
  • Attracting new potential customers
  • Establishing trust with the consumer audience
  • Improving relevance on major search engines
  • Adding another facet to a multichannel marketing strategy
  • Improving brand recognition
  • Advertising easily and organically

Put simply, a blog can greatly expand a company’s marketing reach by targeting a specific demographic and sharing informative, relevant content.

Benefits of Blogging for Business:

A Deeper LookBlog content can be highly optimized for search engine optimization (SEO). That means the content is highly searchable and will be prominent for related organic search queries. Having SEO-optimized blog content helps improve a company’s internet visibility and brand recognition and drive traffic to the site.

Increases Website Traffic

A recent study by HubSpot revealed that blogging increases website traffic by 55%. By creating relevant content on a consistent basis, a business can continue to attract a steady stream of visitors to its website. Blog posts can also be promoted on social media and other channels, further increasing marketing reach.

Attracts New Customers

Consumers use the internet more than ever to learn more about products, services, and the companies they do business with. Another significant benefit of blogging for business is the potential to attract new customers. Consumers may find a company’s blog content quickly via organic search queries. The informative content will help to spur the consumer further along their customer journey until they ultimately make a purchase decision.

Pro tip: A call to action included within each blog post will likely vastly improve conversion rates.

Establishes Trust

Blogs are an excellent tool for businesses to showcase expertise with a particular product, service, or industry. A brand can establish strong trust with its consumer audience by providing professional advice and valuable information.

Helps With Multichannel Marketing

Blogging plays a large role in multichannel marketing, which is another reason why your business needs a blog. When a company combines online content publishing with other forms of media, such as email newsletters, podcasts, social media platforms, e-books, and more, it can engage more customers in the manner they are most accustomed to.

Improves Brand Recognition

Another of the significant benefits of blogging for business is an increase in brand recognition. Each blog post serves to create more awareness of a brand. Additionally, consumers will recall a brand that publishes credible and informative content when it comes time to make a purchase decision.

Makes Organic Advertising Easy

While paid search results certainly have their place in a marketing campaign, consumers prefer organic search results. Nearly 50% of all internet traffic comes from organic search results. Additionally, almost 80% of all users choose to ignore paid advertisements in search results. Google also prefers articles that provide relevant content to users and will rank them higher accordingly. This amounts to better search engine rankings overall.

So now that this article has proven why your business needs a blog, the next step is producing fresh content. The good news is companies don’t need to have a full-time writer on staff to ensure consistent content. Many companies, both large and small, utilize contract writers or online freelancer platforms. Another option is partnering with a digital marketing agency.

Benefits of Blogging for Business with a Marketing Agency

There are a few advantages to working with a marketing agency that has dedicated blog article writers on staff. For starters, it is less expensive than you might think. And the content provided will remain consistent in voice and tone. Additionally, there is the assurance of quality, which is only sometimes guaranteed when working with random writers on freelancer platforms. And finally, the agency knows full well the importance and the benefits of a business having a blog on its website. Subsequently, they will continue to work with a company to ensure the content achieves optimal benefit for a strong ROI.

Final Thoughts

The key to a successful blog is twofold: producing fresh content regularly and producing informative and engaging content relevant to the reader. The benefits of having a blog on your website may take time to notice. However, the long-term results can be exponential, especially when the blog is part of a multichannel marketing campaign. Through repurposing blog content (even articles published years ago), a business can continue to generate leads on an ongoing basis. Get started on a blog today (or jumpstart an old blog with new content) and begin steadily increasing the chances of internet success.