The Benefits of Partnering With A Marketing Agency

By Madison Taylor
April 28, 2023
A rocket taking off at night symbolizing the catalyst of a marketing agency partnership.

The truth is that with success comes complexity. Between increasing demands, recruiting qualified staff, and conversations about “doing more with less,” we often must become experts in topics we had never even dreamed about. This is more than a minor issue: It can become a significant problem, as far too many businesses lurch from crisis to crisis, never really able to engage in the strategic thinking they need to maintain growth.

There are some areas where a business cannot afford to make mistakes. One is marketing: A successful marketing campaign can mean the difference between the success or failure of an entire operation. You would only try to make home repairs when you had the required knowledge, and you’d never give medical advice without a degree. Likewise, why attempt to run complex marketing campaigns when you could partner with industry experts?

Indeed, there are many benefits to partnering with a marketing agency. Here are some of the biggest.

Economical and Comprehensive Solutions

A proven marketing agency can make a good business great. How? By cost-effectively providing comprehensive and customized solutions. Hiring a marketing agency as a complete solution is far and away more economical than hiring and training new employees.

The average annual salary for a marketing director is $108,000 in the United States. Beyond a director, building out an in-house team to make your marketing department functional is both costly and time-consuming. Some of the in-house hires required and their midpoint salaries, according to an American Marketing Association survey, include:

  • Digital marketing coordinator – $54,500
  • Content strategist – $73,000
  • Digital marketing manager – $79,500
  • Marketing analytics manager – $93,250
  • Marketing analytics specialist – $68,000
  • Market researcher – $60,750
  • Email marketing specialist – $53,750
  • Social media manager – $57,750
  • SEO/SEM specialist – $62,500
  • Event or trade show coordinator – $41,500

A marketing agency aims to economically bridge the gap between your sales goals and marketing strategy by providing a roadmap and requisite talent to grow an organization at a fraction of the cost of building an internal team and systems. Marketing agencies can indeed offer an all-in-one solution. A solid marketing agency can help you develop specific goals and show you how to reach those goals using effective marketing strategies. They can show you what platforms to use, what content to create, and what messages will resonate with your audience and showcase your brand. Finally, they already employ the talent and are experts in the systems necessary to execute strategies.

Marketing agencies can also provide consulting services, giving you critical advice and feedback on plans you’ve already developed and showing you how to align your business goals with your marketing ones. A good agency will also provide customized solutions to your organization’s sales goals. An experienced agency can do this because they have the expertise to create a specific plan that fits your needs, not just the needs of the last client they worked with.

Broad-based, Integrated Marketing

One of the most significant challenges in managing your marketing internally is trying to step back to take the long-term, strategic view. Yes, you may have someone on staff who understands Facebook ads. But what if Facebook isn’t the place for you to advertise? What if your business would benefit from an alternative platform perspective? Furthermore, does your internal marketing team have the resources and expertise to understand the latest tools and trends? Can they run effective multi-channel campaigns and generate full-view reporting for your business?

An outside marketing agency understands these strategic considerations through integrated marketing. They are experts in various marketing tools and strategies, not just one platform. As such, they can use their knowledge to determine what you need and where you can use your experience to access your business goals. Furthermore, a marketing agency has access to vast expertise, including experts in various platforms, content, strategic thinking, graphic design, and more. By hiring an outside agency, you can access all of this expertise at one affordable price. In other words, an outside agency allows you to pay for a vast library of knowledge, not just one person.

Engagement to Fit Your Needs

The best marketing agencies understand that you need more than experience and expertise — you also need engagement that suits your requirements. When you contract with a reputable marketing agency, you’re not paying at a by-the-hour rate. This payment arrangement means you work with the agency when needed, enabling you to ask questions and obtain information. It also means that you aren’t nickeled-and-dimed by an outside vendor, allowing you to take the necessary time to get the required information.

An agency engagement comes with a variety of benefits. Thanks to a retainer-based contract, you can work with a marketing agency to use their knowledge to develop solutions that fit your needs. You’ll also be able to work with them to establish contracts that fit your business needs, meaning you can hire these agencies on a retainer or project basis. As such, you can work with an outside marketing agency until you are satisfied with your final results.

Final Thoughts

Partnering with a marketing agency can enable your business to access expertise, experience, and knowledge that is very difficult to obtain internally. They can give you an alternative, outside perspective and help you determine the best way to achieve your business goals.

Are you ready to take the next steps and work with a full-service agency with a track record of success? Start a conversation with Madison Taylor Marketing today, and learn more about how we can use our talent and resources to enhance the trajectory of your organization.