The Epic Pass®: Creating Your Own Niche

By Madison Taylor
November 1, 2021
person backcountry skiing

Often, fighting against your competitors can feel like a lost cause. Instead, what if you worked within your industry to develop a new offering made up of already existing components and created your own niche? By popularizing a unique concept, you become the center of that niche and an expert in a niche you created yourself. A successful marketing strategy should include investment in new trends and technologies. Likewise, you can commit your marketing budget to a new niche.

Niche marketing can be more complicated than product or service marketing, but it can be worth your while. Just because you dared to attempt something new doesn’t mean you will automatically become successful. However, you can never tell what will be successful until you try it out. Before you can create your own niche, there are a few factors you should consider.

Tap Into Your Passion

One of the most inspiring factors in a marketing strategy is a passion for the niche. While your passion might not have an established market, you should not let it foil your efforts to establish your own niche. A few decades ago, eCommerce stores were unpopular among the general population, but today, it is hard to imagine life without Amazon deliveries. A horde of companies has become successful by establishing their own niche and investing in it with funds and passion.

Find a Need

Having a passion or motivation towards a specific niche could be a critical aspect to the success of your business. However, you should not ignore the fact that most successful enterprises provide a solution needed by their customers or one that they think they need. Instead of only trying to get people to pay attention to your interests and motivations, consider convincing your niche market how your product or service can meet their needs.

Have a Unique Approach

If you can easily find others who offer the services or products you offer, consider taking a fresh approach. Your business should be an image of your passion and meet your customers’ needs, but even more importantly, it should be unique. Trying to blend in with current trends is okay, but standing out is much better. It allows you to tap into a stream of customers that has little to no competition.

Set Your Goals High

More often than not, we are our own biggest critics. Being quick to shoot down our ideas and concepts keeps us from pursuing a unique business opportunity and owning something original. Keeping yourself from dreaming big threatens your ability to break out of preconceived niches and create your own. Jot down your ideas and analyze them to know which aspects are unrealistic in the current environment and which ones can work for your business.

Stay Engaged

Creating your own niche is not a one-hit-wonder. After tapping into your passion, creating a unique niche, and meeting a need, you will need to stay on top of industry changes, top trends, and the latest technologies. You must not only be open to change but adaptive and creative in your improvements and innovations. There are always new aspects and tactics to learn, and all niche markets are constantly changing. While this could pose problems to your marketing strategies, it offers you the opportunity to set your standards and shape your niche continually.