Using a Marketing Agency to Grow Your Venture Capital Portfolio

By Madison Taylor
February 3, 2022
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A well-established marketing agency provides comprehensive solutions, tools and expertise to establish and develop a brand. As such, it is highly advantageous for venture capital groups to collaborate with marketing agencies to optimize business portfolios without having to worry or micromanage the complex steps involved in growing a client profile.

Additionally, there is the matter of budget—where hiring an in-house CMO could prove costly and counterintuitive in the long term when investing in business growth. A reliable marketing agency offers proven cross-industry skills and expertise that predict and navigate trends and challenges to achieve optimal outcomes for each business portfolio based on specific goals.

While many volatile factors determine the success of the next unicorn, such as economic challenges and shifting customer demands, a marketing agency can help reduce the unknowns with extensive experience and reliable data.

Align Venture Capitalists and Business Goals

Venture capitalists are interested in helping businesses succeed by reaching the next stage of their progress, growth and expansion. However, venture capitalists may lack the analytics and tools required to identify and monitor organizational needs and priorities in many cases.

For example, business leaders might aim to minimize carbon emissions as part of their corporate responsibility. Venture capitalists funding the company should access insights that identify the pitfalls and difficulties in implementing initiatives to further an organizational goal.

A partnered marketing agency provides valuable market data that help shape the most productive outcome for all involved parties—giving venture capitalists actionable information for developing business portfolios according to organizational plans.

Identify Key Market Opportunities

The modern business world has become increasingly competitive with new technology and globalization. Consumer trends can change in the blink of an eye and businesses need to track them to make the most profitable decisions.

While hiring a CMO provides businesses and venture capitalists with a specialized marketing expert, partnering with an agency opens doors to a whole team of passionate professionals who dedicate themselves to using the latest tools and methods to keep up with the markets and economy.

Venture capitalists can access accurate insights on the latest business trends by partnering with a marketing agency, particularly one featuring specialists with a solid regional or global presence (since these agencies offer detailed data from disparate sources, forming a fuller picture of consumer behavior).

Increase Brand Awareness

Brand awareness determines organizational reputation and the effectiveness of a business strategy. Venture capital portfolio growth requires a consistent dedication toward developing brand awareness despite market saturation. By working with a marketing agency, venture capitalists can tap on proven expertise toward raising brand awareness.

Collaborating with a trusted marketing agency provides venture capitalists with the data to position a company based on an attractive unique value proposition (UVP) that sets them ahead of the identified competition. Specifically, marketing agencies can help boost brand awareness by leveraging a vast network of contacts.

For example, agencies may retain strong connections with previous customers, which may serve as reliable business partners. Similarly, a partnered agency might have close working relations with famous influencers and thought leaders who can expand a business’s outreach to a broader market.

Align Sales and Marketing

Customer success is a methodology that remains highly favorable among modern businesses. The process involves the combined efforts of sales and marketing to ensure optimal customer experiences by aligning business goals with consumer needs. Research shows that the alignment of sales and marketing teams could lead to a 38 percent increase in sales rates.

Venture capitalists can significantly improve a business’s customer success standards by collaborating with an experienced marketing agency. Most marketing agencies have proven techniques of working with sales through integrated systems that include optimized lead generation (i.e., combining SQLs and MQLs) and systematic communications.

Well-aligned sales and marketing teams can focus on driving revenue and growth while minimizing the risks of miscommunication and customer dissatisfaction. Some businesses refer to this synergy as “smarketing,” a hybrid approach to business planning that combines marketing analytics with real-world context from the sales perspective.

Set Up the Perfect Winning Position

Marketing agencies offer venture capitalists a clear breakdown of market conditions and challenges that interfere with the business progress. As such, agencies can help decide on the best business approach, such as taking up the first-mover advantage.
A marketing agency can provide all the research and insights a venture capitalist needs to elevate a business position with minimal missteps.

Additionally, marketing agencies collaborate with multiple companies simultaneously at any given time, equipping them with the skills and experience to offer flexible solutions that accommodate organizational changes (i.e., mergers and acquisitions, overseas expansion, downsizing, etc.)

It is strategic for venture capitalists to develop an in-depth marketing strategy that focuses on a clear and actionable vision from the start—something that agencies can help expedite with experience collaborating with diverse industries.

Scalability for Marketing Venture Capital Companies

Marketing agencies enable venture capitalists to maximize their ROIs by limiting their budget to services they need. Unlike hiring an in-house marketing team or specialist, agencies give businesses the freedom to choose specific campaigns and analytics (i.e., down to the type and scope of data) based on current business goals and priorities.

Experienced marketing agencies can improve venture capital portfolio growth by methodically examining existing business strategies and measuring them against the desired outcome or the practices of a top competitor. Businesses can look forward to working with useful KPIs and standards to help them grow and scale based on evidence-based formulas.

Additionally, agencies support each business decision with the latest market data. By doing so, venture capitalists can help businesses leverage relevant information based on target audience and industry, ensuring that campaigns stay on cue regardless of scale.

Comprehensive Approach to Marketing Venture Capital Businesses

A reliable marketing agency provides a diverse selection of updated tools and programs that optimize a business promotion and growth strategy. These strategies include pay-per-click advertising, SEO content, social media outreach, influencer marketing and mixed reality interactions.

With a vast arsenal of marketing options at their disposal, venture capitalists can pair businesses with the most suitable solution for ideal outcomes. Additionally, marketing agencies can inform businesses on the latest customer trends and preferences to raise engagements, conversions and ultimately drive ROI.

For example, recent market trends show that 54 percent of consumers wish to see more video content from a brand they support. A marketing agency can help businesses make the most from these observations, modifying organizational plans to suit modern demands.

Madison Taylor Marketing—Maximizing Venture Capital Portfolio Growth

Madison Taylor Marketing is a full-service agency that offers the most intuitive solutions tailored to specific client needs. We provide a detailed approach to marketing and advertising that optimizes branding through the best solutions and tactics managed by top industry experts.

Our team offers years of specialized experience in marketing venture capital businesses, identifying the most significant challenges and trends that optimize every given opportunity for success and scalability.

Trust and Support at Every Stage

At our agency, we dedicate ourselves to discovering and understanding the unique needs of every business and following up with detailed solutions. We will walk through the steps with decision-makers to ensure that they receive the maximum support through data and best practices across all channels.

Transparency is a vital component in every partnership, where we earn customers’ trust by systematically clarifying and aligning goals. Additionally, we believe in familiarizing ourselves with a business’s culture and practices to have a deeper sense of organizational standards.

Venture capitalists can expect a seamless and fuss-free collaboration when partnering with a top expert like Madison Taylor Marketing. Through integrity, transparent reporting, and effective audience engagement, we help bridge the gap between businesses and consumers, building lasting relationships.

Get started with Madison Taylor Marketing to grow your venture capital portfolios without guesswork and exceed all business expectations.