Weed On Wheels: Consumer Trends to Watch

By Madison Taylor
September 25, 2021
Top of a paper bag, focus on the paper handle

From fast food to fine dining, prescription medications, pet supplies, and car parts — not to mention everything available for order on Amazon — it seems like there’s a way to have anything and everything delivered straight to your doorstep. This is, of course, in part due to the Covid-19 pandemic accelerating the already growing trend of delivery apps and e-commerce. In fact, online food delivery apps, like DoorDash, more than doubled their sales during the pandemic.

Does this uptick in home delivery possibilities mean we could soon have cannabis products delivered to our front doors? The short answer is yes. In fact, dispensaries in Denver have already started submitting applications for delivery permits. City officials expect those permits to be accepted and that Denver customers can start having their bud delivered in just a few weeks.

Customers Love Delivery Services

So, what does all of the rage surrounding online delivery mean for companies? For one, you better start working a delivery service into your business plan and marketing strategy. There are several benefits associated with having a delivery service, including:

  • Meeting your customers exactly where they are. A delivery app/service allows your customers to order what they want exactly when they want it without worrying about having to drop what they’re doing and go pick their items up at a brick-and-mortar location. It makes for a much more personalized and enjoyable shopping experience.
  • Reach more customers. Online delivery platforms have an incredible online reach and can put your goods and services in front of a whole new audience. This will allow you to increase sales while picking up new loyal customers — did you know that 92% of online food delivery orders come from new customers?
  • More efficient management of deliveries. Instead of waiting for weeks for the customer to make it to your store to pick up their order or having them worry about parking and traffic (which worsens their shopping experience) you can rest easy knowing your items will be delivered efficiently and expeditiously. Delivery services also allow most of your staff to stay on-site, focusing on other higher-value tasks instead of figuring out who will deliver the items or who will greet the customers at pickup. In fact, automated delivery systems make it easier for both you and the customer.

Using Marketing and Advertising to Drive E-Commerce Sales

As we mentioned, amping up your e-commerce and delivery efforts can put a lot of new eyes on your products. Of course, to drive more interest and demand, you need to effectively market and advertise your goods and services. Here are some quick and easy marketing strategies to help you drive your e-commerce sales:

  • Social media — Social media platforms are an important asset when it comes to reaching new audiences and interacting with customers. Use compelling photos, engaging videos, contests, polls, and many other features to help garner attention to your brand. Don’t forget to respond to your customers; answer their questions and concerns, and create an open conversation. Before embarking on a social media campaign, be sure to consider compliance with cannabis regulations in your market.
  • Capture email subscribers — Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies. Studies show that about 17% of digital marketing spend takes place in email, but it contributes to 24% of revenue. Emails offer an even more personalized and intimate interaction than social media and other forms of marketing. To get started, create and actively promote a newsletter, blog, and any other email capture efforts so you can grow your subscriber list.
  • Engage visitors with chat — Chat features on your website and app allow customers to engage with your brand and have their questions answered ASAP. These functions also allow customers to get real-time updates on their order and delivery status for full transparency.

Looking for a marketing team to help drive your e-commerce sales or market a new delivery service? Our expert team has got you covered. Contact us today to learn more.