Why Tech Organizations Should Utilize Employer Branding

By Madison Taylor
March 23, 2022
Businesswoman explaining new business strategies to the staff during a meeting in office. Businesswoman giving presentation on a new project to her team.

Branding as an employer is the process of creating a reputation that reflects your values and represents your company’s values. You have to build a positive perception of who you are as an employer for your employees. The technology industry has significant competition when it comes to recruiting top talent. It would behoove you as an employer to develop a great brand and stand out from the rest.

Tech employees want to know who they are working for, why they should work for them, and what values the company holds. Building an employer brand begins by assessing how you get viewed by individuals already working for you. But word-of-mouth is not enough. You have to build a brand that embodies your identity.

Creating a Great Employer Brand

When creating a good brand, the first thing you need to do is assess your company’s values. Consider the company’s vision, culture, and mission statement. You have to embody these values and live by your company’s culture. This will help you align your personal and company values, making it easy for prospective employees to discover why they should work for you.

Basing your reputation on company values also helps you attract talent with like-minded attitudes and values. In the long run, this aids in achieving the company’s goals.

Develop a unique value proposition that you live by as an employer. You can write down your value proposition and share it with your human resources department. This will help prospective talents recognize your brand.

It is more likely that people will want to work for employers with similar values. Having a value proposition is key to employer branding. Ensure that your value proposition does not focus on remuneration or wages. The current demographic of workers cares more about work satisfaction, even at an excellent salary.

Build Your Brand Through Your Current Employees

Any prospective talent will try to learn as much as they can about you from your current employees. Ensure that your employees know your brand and can testify to its authenticity.

You can ask your employees to promote your employer’s brand through social media. For example, after a team-building exercise, you can tell your employees to share their experiences on their profiles. This will enhance the brand awareness you and your company want to show to prospective talents.

This is a great way of interacting with your current employees. It also allows you to build on the company culture with your current employees. The positive image this creates for you and your company makes it easy for new talents to choose you as their next employer.

Develop a Great Onboarding Process

The onboarding process determines how well a new hire will adjust to a company. Cultivating a great onboarding process is key to retaining new talent once you attract them to your firm.

Creating a good employer brand is the first step to ensuring that new hires have a positive outlook when they get to your company. You have to ensure a smooth transition and that new hires have everything they need to be successful.

Cultivating a great onboarding process results in lower turnover rates. Ensure that new hires can get into working teams with fellow employees. This is especially important in the technology industry, where success is dependent on the work employees do as a collective unit.

Create a good onboarding process by helping new hires learn the company story and culture. You can facilitate this by hosting a team-building exercise or during the training process.

Market Your Employer and Company Brand

Use blog posts, videos, photos, and slideshows to promote your brand and story. This will help you reach a wider audience and appeal to more prospective hires. Employer branding requires a bit of marketing, and you can do this by leveraging your employees.

For instance, have videos of your workers telling the company story on your official website. This will improve people’s perception of your company. It will also give you a better employer brand image. Ensure that your company story touches on modern-day issues such as diversity.

The blog posts, videos, photos, and slideshows you share of your company story should be inclusive. Showing that you are tolerant and inclusive of all people will improve your brand’s reach.

Maintain Brand Consistency

Ensure that all employees have a consistent reference by leveraging a digital asset manager. The brand consistency should be at two levels, which are internally and externally. A digital asset manager allows you to store all pertinent information about your company’s brand in one central location.

Having a precise reference point helps create brand consistency for consumers and prospective employees. Digital asset management gives you the technology you need to ensure your marketing strategies are consistent for you and your company’s brands.

Start Building Your Brand Today

Attracting the top talent in the technology industry is quite difficult. There is stiff competition and even if you hire the right people, retaining them takes even more reinforcement of your company’s purpose and brand. Consistent and explicit reminders of who your company is and why each employee’s role within it is essential will help them understand their value and feel your appreciation.