Marketing Lessons: Halloween Monsters

By Madison Taylor
October 29, 2015

It’s that spooky time of the year when all of the monsters come out to play! in just two days, youngsters all around of us will be dressing up as their favorite monsters, cartoon characters, superheroes, and whatnot.

Whether you love or hate the frights and fears found in the the biggest Halloween blockbusters, though, there’s something to be learned from them. No, we’re not saying that you should scare your target audience into giving you their attention and business. Instead, we’ll take a look at the more subtle ways in which the world’s most notorious monsters have demonstrated some traits that are useful and applicable in the world of inbound marketing.

Jason Voorhees

You can’t deny that Jason Voorhees is truly a force to be reckoned with. As you watch the Friday the 13th series, you’ll realize that no matter how many times and how many ways Jason seems to be “defeated”, he just keeps coming back for more! As an inbound marketing professional, you should be just as relentless with your content and campaigns. It’s important that you remain persistent, relentless, and consistent in all of your efforts. This is the key to building a loyal audience, improving SEO, and adapting your techniques to suit your consumer’s needs.

Michael Myers

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to recognize that Michael Myers, of Halloween fame, is a man (soulless, though he may be) on a mission. He is constantly fixated upon getting to his sister Laurie, and absolutely nothing or no one is going to stand in his way. This is exactly how you should feel about getting your message across to your target audience. It can be easy to become sidetracked, trying to appeal to the world as a whole instead of zeroing in on those who are most likely to desire your goods and services. Don’t let this happen to you! Instead, create streamlined goals that will enable you to connect with qualified leads.

Freddy Krueger

The Nightmare on Elm Street films has shown us time and again that Freddy Krueger is one creepy dude. Not only does he exist in your dreams, but he continues to consume your senses during your waking hours. He seeps into every fiber of your being. Essentially, you want your message to act in a similar way. Your content should be so relevant and useful to your audience that it remains with them, even when they navigate away from your content. When your consumers think of the types of products or services that your business provides, their mind should instantly turn to you because your message has gotten to them and impacted them in a deep way.


These blood suckers sleep by day and come out by night. In other words, they have a strict schedule and they stick to it! Inbound marketers who post their content willy nilly and all all random hours of the day will find that they are much less successful than those who create a posting schedule and consistently abide by it. Learn the way of the vampire and you could find your own brand existing forever!


The undead have become a staple in horror culture. Some strange virus plagues a small portion of the population, and soon the whole world is infected as zombie hordes prey on the living. As a marketer, you want your content to have a similar effect on your consumer audience. By creating relevant, current, and valuable blogs, videos, and/or podcasts, you can inspire your readers to “like”, “share”, and “retweet” your content again and again. This is how your content goes viral and your message is spread to the masses. And you don’t even have to bite anyone to spread the word!