Why You Should Hire a Social Media Marketing Agency

By Madison Taylor
March 15, 2023
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Currently, over 4.26 billion people use at least one social media platform, which equates to more than half the world’s population, and this number is projected to grow higher in the coming years. Not using social media puts an organization at a disadvantage in a competitive marketplace.

Understandably, only some businesses will have their own marketing department, much less a social media marketing expert. So, companies that may be wondering, “should I hire a social media marketing agency,” the answer is a resounding yes. Having an expert ensures that a company’s social media marketing campaigns will be consistent, aligned with its goals, and, most importantly, effective. Subsequently, this will maintain and grow a consumer audience.

Why Should I Hire a Social Media Marketing Agency?

While having a company website is undoubtedly essential, having an active social media presence is also vital to building brand awareness and customer loyalty. But maintaining an active presence on one social media platform, let alone multiple, requires ample time. Additionally, organizations must generate content consistently to make social media marketing worthy of engaging their audience. A social media marketing agency can handle all these tasks cost-effectively, potentially yielding results on par with big-budget marketing.

What Does a Social Media Marketing Agency Do?

Many companies believe that an occasional post on Facebook or Instagram is enough to keep audiences engaged and attract new customers. And ultimately, that is why their efforts fail. Social media marketing is much more involved — there are algorithms to be aware of, targeted strategies to attract high-quality leads, and reports that can be generated to determine the ROI.

Put simply, a social media marketing agency delivers maximum effort on a company’s behalf for optimal benefit. The experts at a social media marketing agency research to effectively determine what type of content will resonate best with an audience, what time to post it, and what platforms are worth an organization’s time based on its goals. Here are some of the key benefits of working with a social media marketing agency:

Results You Can Measure

As mentioned above, many companies often shy away from or dismiss their social media marketing efforts because they can’t determine the effects. But that’s exactly why the answer to the question, “Should I hire a social media marketing agency?” is yes. Experienced experts can show you the KPIs to target and measure the ROI of a social media marketing campaign. The agency can make necessary adjustments to improve a campaign based on those measurable results.

Short-term and Long-term Results

A social media marketing campaign is ultimately designed to deliver results consistently for the long term. But results can also happen fast. For example, a brand releasing a new product or announcing a new promotion can garner quick results through posts on social media platforms and significantly increase the buzz surrounding the announcement.

Both types of results can also be further enhanced by a solid mixture of organic social media and paid social media advertising. Both strategies will target and attract potential customers. Paid social media advertising is also an ideal means of ensuring an audience sees posts and content, even if they aren’t actively looking for it.

Save Time and Money

Working with a social media marketing agency saves a company time they could devote to other important areas. Additionally, social media platforms are a cost-effective means of reaching a broad audience across multiple channels. Many platforms also offer targeted advertising so a brand can reach a particular buyer persona.

Increase Brand Awareness and Customer Loyalty

A business must stay at the forefront of consumers’ minds with a cluttered digital landscape. Social media marketing helps to achieve that through consistent published content and engagement. Content that speaks about a brand, and its products and services, serves to tell a story. Additionally, social media content is easily shareable, which means opportunities for free marketing and expanding reach.

When to Hire a Marketing Agency Social Media Manager

A business that has attempted social media marketing and has yet to be satisfied with the results can benefit from partnering with a social media marketing agency. Businesses that don’t have a social media marketing expert on staff will also discover the advantages of obtaining a social media manager at a professional marketing agency. Companies right now are already experiencing exponential growth thanks to social media marketing. Businesses that wish to remain competitive and achieve their online marketing goals shouldn’t hesitate any further in working with a social media marketing agency.

Final Thoughts

All business growth typically involves some amount of risk and expenditure. But the rewards for a cost-effective digital marketing strategy such as social media marketing can far outweigh the risk. Social media marketing can be difficult without the knowledge and time to devote to an ongoing campaign. Hiring a social media marketing agency will save time and help propel current social media marketing initiatives toward achieving desired results.

The experts at Madison Taylor Marketing provide the unique experience and professionalism to help businesses utilize the most effective content for audience engagement every time. Through collaborating with Madison Taylor Marketing, companies can deliver compelling content and promote lasting audience relations.