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Rocking Social Media Marketing Services

Content may be king, but social is queen.

Whoa. In the last decade, social media has worked its way into our personal and professional lives, and marketing is all about meeting people where they are by having conversations that make sense. With that partnership made in heaven, social media is a crucial way to reach your target audience for a variety of different purposes.


If you don’t know the value of social media, or maybe you want to learn how to use Facebook and similar outlets to drive sales, feel free to give us a shout – we’d be happy to help.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media Marketing Strategy Session

Social media is a very complex, broad universe that can either catapult your business to the top or spell your demise. Without a plan, you’re up the creek without a paddle. We know social media marketing inside and out, and can help your company customize a robust strategy that will set you up for success, integrates with every part of the business, and is acheivable.

Social Media Marketing Audit

Sometimes, you don’t know what you don’t know. We can dive into your website, as well as all of your online marketing efforts, and complete an audit of what’s there, how it’s currently performing, what’s going right, and what needs work… complete with a finalized report and action plan on how to improve your online standings.

Social Media Marketing Plan Development

This is an in-depth plan of how to make online marketing work for your specific company and goals. Not only do we compile a unique marketing plan for you, we break it down into actionable steps that will keep you on track for success.

Social Media Channel Builds


A complete Facebook business profile build that includes social media strategy, account setup and optimization, cover photo design, profile image customization, 5 starter posts, plug in, and design of up to 5 app pages.


A complete LinkedIn business profile build that includes social media strategy, full business page set up, 5 starter posts, and services/products listings.


A complete Twitter business profile build that includes social media strategy, account setup and optimization, profile design, and 5 starter posts.


A complete YouTube channel profile that includes social media strategy, full account design, and setup.


A complete Google+ profile that includes full account design and setup.

Channel Management

Monthly Engagement

Once you’ve got the plan nailed down, it’s time to implement it. And that takes time, as well as expertise, and we can shift the burden from your shoulders to ours. With us actively managing, strategizing, and executing the plan, you can see the results come in from social media.

Channel Advertising

With a captive audience waiting on social media, you want a voice. And the closed business. One sure fire way to get that is through targeted advertising on social media platforms.

Community Management

How do you start to gain traction on social media? You get your community active and engaged. Through community management, you can galvanize your audience while hitting your business goals. We’ll show you how.

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