Social Media Case Study

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Social media marketing and advertising drove top-line sales, accounting for 31% of annual revenue.

  • Total audience across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter increased by 289.7% within one year, with net audience growth reaching 602.9%
  • Organic impressions increased by 43% over 12 months, an increase of an average of 2 million impressions per month
  • Engagement increase by 300% over the course of the year
  • Generated a 288% ROI

Unlocking the Power of Social Media

A direct-to-consumer client wanted to expand brand awareness, increase quality engagement, and drive sales. While this client already had a sizeable social media presence, we both knew there was room for growth. With the help of Madison Taylor Marketing, they were able to take it to a whole new level — while raising top-line sales along the way.

Here’s How We Did It

As we do with all our clients, we first took time to clarify their goals and craft a tailored approach. Together, we decided that creating a comprehensive social media strategy was paramount to achieving their desired outcomes. The social media strategy centered around using a mix of organic and paid social media across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, actively growing an owned audience and increasing engagement through consistent, quality content.

  1. First, we did a deep dive of their best customers — who they are, where they spend time, messaging that worked, how they purchased, etc.
  2. From there we were able to build different sets of audiences to serve content to, both organic and paid.
  3. We were then able to build messaging and creative designed to take advantage of the algorithms, engage our audiences, and convert them into sales.
  4. To ensure that we were nuturing prospects through the funnel and encouraging multiple purchases, we implemented a multi-tiered retargeting strategy.
  5. To help round out the social media strategy, we implemented a robust community management program to encourage engagement, answer purchasing questions, and promote customer reviews.
  6. We actively optimized campaigns based on performance to refine strategies and outperform previous successes.
See what our partners say

“Social media management can be daunting! This team of pros makes it look easy, though! From the top down, from Aimee, Chris, Aaron – everyone knows their stuff. Their knowledge base, critical thinking skills, and marketing expertise have begun to turn my 48-hour days back to 24 again! I highly recommend them if you want to get out in front of the pack and be seen and heard!”

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