2022 Advertising Trends

By Madison Taylor
December 17, 2021
street level looking up view of Times Square

The ever-changing technology landscape has led to a shift in advertising and marketing strategies every year. In the last two years, there has been a significant change in advertising budgets due to the pandemic. As technology changes, there’s a need to stay up-to-date with the latest marketing and advertising strategies and tools that will help generate more revenue and grow your business.

The pandemic has significantly redefined marketing. As many operations shifted to the online space, businesses and consumers embraced digitalization as the new norm. Software developers are also looking into updating marketing automation software to incorporate the changes in the marketing world for better results.

It is important to note that the consumer activities and shopping habits that developed in the pandemic period will stay long after the pandemic is gone. For this reason, business owners, marketers, and ad specialists need to focus on the most prevalent trends to inform their decisions in the coming years. Here are some crucial advertising trends businesses will need in 2022.

Invest Time and Money to Build a Strong Brand Image

In today’s world, image is everything. How a business communicates and responds to customers’ issues plays a crucial role in building a brand image. Customers go where they feel valued and treated well. To build a strong brand image, businesses need to find ways to respond promptly to customer queries and communicate using the right words.

Investing in quality ads and effective digital marketing strategies will require time and money. It is advisable for businesses to find a way of building their brand awareness organically through strategies like video tutorials, educative podcasts, or web content that will bring long-term value to their audiences.

Invest in Online and In-Person Events

The future of events will be hybrid. As the result of Covid-19 control measures, there has been an emphasis on social distancing and avoiding in-person gatherings. This has forced marketers to rethink events, and as a result, virtual events have taken center stage in engaging customers and generating leads. After experiencing the comfort of attending live events from their home, customers want to keep it this way going forward.

As a result, more brands are embracing webinars, seminars, and product launches to gather data and build profiles for direct sales. Although sometimes they may not generate high revenue immediately, online events grow businesses in the long run.

However, the need for in-person events cannot be underestimated. To cater to both audiences’ needs, businesses will need a combination of in-person and online events.

Personalize Your Audience

Personalized advertising is not a new trend and will continue to grow over time. While a business may have a massive following on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, the truth is, those followers are not your target audience. Chances are the same people follow other brands and maybe get caught up between several offers when making purchases.

With over 6 million businesses using Facebook ads to reach their target audiences, how do you ensure you are heard? Owning your audience means that only the relevant users see your ads. In 2022 you will need a more people-based approach to get hold of your customers.

Targeting real people through emails and getting their attention with personalized content is very likely to translate into sales. Developing a personal audience is not easy, but the results are motivating.

Also, as consumer needs change, you need customized and appealing content that will draw attention. You can start by mobilizing your team to craft content that provides value and better offers for your customers.

Adopt Marketing Automation

In the recent past, more marketers are adding automation to their digital strategies. This makes sense because automating workflows saves time and reduces repetitive tasks.

Automated advertising will become more prevalent in 2022. Marketing automation will help marketers and specialists streamline campaigns, run content across different channels with ease, track prospects and incoming sales, and manage other critical operations.

Since customers are becoming more digital-savvy, you need to track their online searches about your products and services to help you stay ahead.

Embrace Content Alignment

Blogging and content marketing have grown tremendously in the recent past. Although consumers crave unique and high-quality content, it may be challenging to deliver because the internet is flooded with huge amounts of information.

Therefore, companies will need to align SEO and thought leadership through developing educational content and creatively incorporating an interactive perspective in blog posts and articles.

Some marketers have found quizzes and games in blog posts to do exceptionally well, not to mention Instagram and Facebook interactive stories.
Instead of relying on mediocre content, you can take the time to craft relevant and informative posts. This way, you gain visibility, credibility, and authority in your industry.

Final Thoughts

With the many technological changes and the uncertainty brought about by the pandemic, there will be a shift in advertising trends in 2022. Marketers will have to align their advertising strategies to the latest trends to maximize effectiveness.

If you need help refining your marketing strategies and creating brand experiences that consumers want, look no further. We build comprehensive strategies paired with exceptional execution across channels for better ROI and stability. Get in touch today to get started.