Advertising on Pinterest: Things You Should Know

By Madison Taylor
June 15, 2023
iPhone featuring Pintrest

Advertising on social media can be extremely impactful. With social media’s precise targeting options and widespread digital reach, your business can effectively use social media to reach specific audiences with highly customized messaging.

Many businesses underestimate the advertising potential of social media. They often overlook platforms like Pinterest, which can actually be a highly effective and affordable option for advertising various services.

What are the benefits of advertising on Pinterest? How can you get the most out of Pinterest advertising, and what are some best practices for Pinterest ads? Let’s take a look.

Pinterest Advertising Stats

From a sheer advertising perspective, there are a variety of considerations to keep in mind when deciding if advertising on Pinterest is worth it for your business and your budget.

Pinterest has one of the lowest cost-per-clicks of any social network. This low cost means you can get more out of every dollar you spend on the platform, even for highly coveted demographics.

Furthermore, while Pinterest paid ads are extremely valuable, remember that you also have various free advertising options. These include creating your Pinterest boards, pages, and product pins for users to see and save. In addition, you can earn three times as many conversions when you use free ads alongside paid ones.

In other words, Pinterest has more options than most networks, saving you money while allowing you to expand your customer base.

Pinterest User Demographics

According to the network, Pinterest has 463 million monthly active users, making it potentially ideal for affordably touching millions of prospective customers.

A deeper look at Pinterest’s demographics also reveals some unique attributes about their network:

  • Pinterest users view the network to find new brands or products. This orientation makes the audience an ideal one for new companies or organizations looking to promote
  • Pinterest users are 47% more likely to come to the site to see other brands, meaning the audience is already conditioned to be receptive to advertisements.
  • Forty-five percent of Pinterest users make over $100,000. As such, Pinterest users have higher levels of disposable income.

In short, Pinterest’s audience is perfectly attuned to your advertisements, making it ideal for serving ads that contain your branding and advertise your products or services.

Why Advertise on Pinterest?

With the right content, Pinterest can be ideal for your business. Its audience is ready to buy and primed to see ads. They are also typically wealthier than the average customer. Furthermore, Pinterest ads are highly cost-efficient.

Finally, there are numerous types of Pinterest ads, including ones that advertise products or services, increase brand awareness, and target the specific interest of your prospective customer.

Best Practices for Pinterest Ads

Learning how to advertise on Pinterest will be key to your ultimate success on the network.

First, consider the various ad types you can use. These include standard image ads, images with video, max-width video ads, carousel ads, shopping ads, collection ads, idea ads, and more. These ads come in various sizes and formats that you can customize to fit your products, services, and budget.

Like any other social network, the cost of Pinterest ads varies. Pinterest has an advertising system that works like any other social network: The more popular a demographic, the more cost per click you will have to pay. However, some pricing can be extremely inexpensive, potentially costing as little as $.10 per click. More popular advertisements may go for as much as $1.50 per click, but these prices are still extremely competitive compared to networks like Facebook or LinkedIn.

Looking to create successful Pinterest ads? There are many sources of inspiration:

  • Idea Pins give users a chance to use your product in a way that highlights your product’s strengths while showing how it can improve a user’s life. For example, many makeup videos show users how to use their products to create a new look.
  • Virtual fitting rooms allow users to upload pictures, then add a product to the picture, showing how it would look. These fitting rooms are ideal for makeup, clothing, accessories, or furniture.
  • Carousel ads allow viewers to view 2–5 advertisements. By structuring these ads correctly, you can show how different products look progressively different or unique.
  • Shopping ads target users by keyword or collection, enabling you to get your ads in front of viewers already looking for certain demographics. For example, if you sell baby clothing, you can get your ad viewed by individuals who are already checking out that keyword.

Final Thoughts

Pinterest’s unique demographic gives your business incredible targeting opportunities at affordable prices. Moreover, by adhering to best practices on the network, you can reap advertising rewards that tend to be higher than on any other network.