Madison Taylor Goes Global to Share Valuable International Marketing Insights

By Madison Taylor
June 14, 2023
Aimee Meester speaking to two women around a desk at a conference

This month, Madison Taylor Marketing traveled across the country and across the globe to share valuable marketing insights with companies looking to expand their U.S. market presence.

An International Tour

Our CEO and Chief Marketing Aficionado, Aimee Meester, traveled from Denver to Seattle and across the pond to Iceland to present on key marketing topics and provide advice on creating effective go-to-market strategies.

As part of this global knowledge-transfer initiative, Aimee attended three international events, including The Nordic Innovation Summit in Seattle, WA, a Denver Landing Pad event hosted by the Denver Office of Economic Development, and Iceland Innovation Week.

These events featured keynote speakers across various international organizations and industries, including renewable transportation, finance, technology, human resources, academia, and more. Among these speakers were Guðni Th. Jóhannesson, the President of Iceland; Elvar Páll Sigurðsson, Director of Marketing for Men & Mice (recently acquired by Blue Cat); countless CEOs and government officials; and, of course, Madison Taylor’s very own CEO and Chief Marketing Aficionado, Aimee Meester.

What Marketing Expertise Did Aimee Share?

Across these three events, Aimee presented tips for leveraging marketing to accelerate and improve go-to-market success to almost 1,000 attendees. She sat on a panel titled “Marketing During Uncertain Times,” where she shared her expertise and outlined various marketing tactics, including the importance of speaking directly to your audience and remaining authentic as a brand. She also gave a keynote presentation on how organizations can integrate the idea of the “Tipping Point” into their marketing.

The Tipping Point is a term coined by Malcolm Gladwell to define “the moment when an idea, trend, or social behavior crosses a threshold, tips, and spreads like wildfire.” Applied to business, the Tipping Point is most notably associated with technological innovations and transformations, including radios, TVs, and even iPhones. However, Tipping Points can be found almost everywhere, regardless of industry.

Aimee’s presentation focused on how organizations can leverage marketing to move their innovations across the Tipping Point within their own market segments. She cited examples, such as Pokémon Go, a popular gaming app that reached the adoption point in only 14 days, to illustrate the power of the Tipping Point in marketing. She also shared valuable insights on how companies can create a compelling brand identity and mission, understand their target customers, and build loyal relationships.

MTM’s Profound Gratitude and Continued Collaboration

Of course, none of this collaboration and knowledge-sharing would have been possible without the coordination and support of the dedicated teams behind these events. A special thanks to every person who made the Nordic Innovation Summit, the Denver Landing Pad Event, and Iceland Innovation Week each a smashing success.

Madison Taylor Marketing is deeply appreciative of the opportunity we’ve been given to participate in such meaningful conversations. For any organization looking to discuss how to expand its market presence or establish a go-to-market strategy, please reach out and schedule a chat. Madison Taylor is always excited to continue its collaboration with organizations looking to cross new frontiers in American markets.

About the Events

The Nordic Innovation Summit: The Nordic Innovation Summit is a global conference that unites founders, corporate leaders, and other innovators from Nordic countries and the U.S. to collaborate and leverage business ideas to improve our world. The three-day conference is hosted by the National Nordic Museum, a museum and gathering place located in Seattle, Washington.

Denver Landing Pad: Denver Landing Pad is a business acceleration program that brings international companies together to connect and increase their knowledge about expanding into the U.S. market in Denver, Colorado. The program’s most recent event focused on collaborating with international organizations in Europe.

Iceland Innovation Week: Iceland Innovation Week is a week-long conference hosted annually in Reykjavík, the largest city in Iceland. The event features a range of panel discussions, company visits, and other networking opportunities, aiming to increase the visibility of Iceland’s innovation sector and create a platform for advancing business and marketing knowledge globally.