Madison Taylor Marketing Celebrates 15th Anniversary

By Madison Taylor
January 18, 2023

DENVER, CO — 15 years ago, Colorado native, Aimee Meester, founded Madison Taylor Marketing with one mission: to build authentic, client-centered partnerships that deliver results. After being laid off from an in-house marketing job during the 2008 recession and having experienced housing insecurity as a child, Aimee built Madison Taylor Marketing to provide financial stability– both for her family and for the agency’s client partners. This year, the agency celebrated its growth with a full circle moment, donating a portion of its profits to SOX Place, a Denver-based non-profit that provides resources to youth experiencing houselessness.

From its beginnings in a small office on South Broadway to its present-day status as a premier global marketing agency operating out of the DTC, Madison Taylor Marketing has grown alongside its clients. In 2012, Madison Taylor Marketing became a full-service marketing agency specializing in strategy, creative, and integrated marketing and advertising – a shift from the agency’s original focus on marketing consulting. Since then, the agency has worked across the globe and within various industries, marketing companies of every size and scope.

From presenting at global events, such as Iceland Innovation Week, to providing marketing services to local hotels struggling amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, Madison Taylor Marketing has worked diligently to develop authentic partnerships rooted in integrity and trust. Through these partnerships, the agency encourages client participation and ownership, engaging in month-to-month contracts and insisting that every marketing deliverable, from websites to social posts, is owned by the client and not the agency. By prioritizing client involvement, Madison Taylor Marketing helps companies realize impressive returns– including one client whose revenue increased by 600% during the second year of collaboration. “When we win, they win. We’re on that same team,” said a recent client partner.

Because of the agency’s meaningful client relationships, Madison Taylor Marketing has shown consistent growth while remaining privately owned with no outside investors. “Even though the agency has seen immense growth, we still haven’t lost sight of what’s important — our client partnerships,” said Chris Copen, COO. “The agency has grown with intention. In part, that means always doing the right thing, whatever the cost. As a result, we have continued to add value to our client partnerships through this approach and we’ve differentiated ourselves in the marketplace.”

“At Madison Taylor Marketing, success is not measured by awards – it’s measured by the success of clients,” added Aimee Meester, CEO. “It’s been amazing to build an agency that not only supports our client’s best interests but also enables us to give back to our community in such a meaningful way.” The agency is eager to continue making a difference in both the lives of its client partners and the community in 2023.

About Madison Taylor Marketing, LLC —

Founded in 2008, Madison Taylor Marketing is a full-service marketing agency specializing in client-centered partnerships and delivering a different type of agency partnership. With deep expertise in strategy, creative, integration, and more, the agency has developed a reputation as a marketing industry leader. Headquartered in Denver, CO, Madison Taylor Marketing partners with local, national, and international clients to deliver trustworthy relationships and exceptional results.