Strategic Marketing

Why You Should’ve Created an Annual Marketing Plan

There are many reasons why annual planning should be a top priority for the marketing strategy of every company. Unfortunately, […]
Black phone with chord - The Art of Cold Outreach

The Art of Cold Outreach

When marketing and sales align, everyone benefits. And this alignment doesn’t have to stop at simply agreeing on the same […]
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The Epic Pass®: Creating Your Own Niche

Often, fighting against your competitors can feel like a lost cause. Instead, what if you worked within your industry to […]

Weed on Wheels: Consumer Preference Trends to Watch For

From fast food to fine dining, prescription medications, pet supplies, and car parts — not to mention everything available for […]
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Update Your Marketing Strategy: Lessons From Luxury Outdoor Brands

Outdoor brands have grown significantly over the past few decades as outdoor recreation activities gain more participants and adventurous travel […]
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In-Person vs. Virtual Events: Get the Best of Both Worlds

The COVID-19 pandemic had a profound impact on every aspect of the global economy, from manufacturing to retail to transportation. […]

5 Outdated Marketing Techniques You Should Stop Using

The landscape of marketing is constantly shifting. New platforms or even entire fields of marketing spring up seemingly overnight, and […]

Why You Should Consider a Smaller Full-Service Marketing Agency

Marketing is a major undertaking — it’s not something that business owners or other employees can do “on the side” […]

How Marketing Targeting is Changing (and How to Adapt)

Marketing is always a moving target, and digital marketing has been especially volatile over the last few years. New platforms, […]

3 Ways to Encourage Collaboration With Remote Teams

The work-from-home movement has been growing for years, and it got a major boost forward during 2020. Significant companies employing […]
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Social Media Mistakes: Influencer Marketing Fails

Like any other channel, influencer marketing has to be done correctly. When you don’t properly strategize how you’re going to use this approach, you risk wasting money or seriously compromising your brand image. Here’s how influencer marketing can go wrong.
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Lessons Learned Through Marketing Failures — Lack of Market Research

You can learn a lot from your mistakes. Sometimes our failures are our best teachers, granting additional insight into which strategies and techniques are most effective or changing our impression of our audiences. In this series, we’ll be exploring some of the most common mistakes that marketers make and what lessons can be taken away from them.

The “Panic Pivot”: Marketing Innovations You Need to Adopt

In 2020 companies had to drastically alter the way they did business and spoke to their audience, and marketers followed suit. What we’ve seen across the marketing world over the last year or so is what we’re calling the “panic pivot” — a drastic shift in strategy as marketers attempt to adapt to the new world we’re living in. Panicking is never a good thing, but pivoting is crucial.
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The Value of an Agency to Your In-House Marketing Team

If you’re searching for options to boost your internal marketing team here are some reasons an agency partnership may be the right solution.
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60-Second Read: Why VW’s “Voltswagen” Joke Was a Bad Move

Volkswagen’s joke for 2021 was to announce a rebrand from Volkswagen to “Voltswagen,” a nod to the company’s new commitment to electric vehicles. Jaguar, General Motors, and Volvo have already announced plans to phase out fossil-fuel-powered vehicles entirely, so it wouldn’t have been completely surprising to see Volkswagen follow suit. But unlike the rest of these April Fools’ Day pranks, Volkswagen’s fell flat. Here’s where they went wrong.
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What’s in Facebook’s New Small-Business-Friendly Update

Facebook has announced that it will be testing a new feature that serves business suggestions to people who don’t follow those businesses. When users browse their usual news feed, they’ll see suggestions for topics that they might be interested in — a news article about home improvement ideas might have a button underneath it asking if the reader is interested in DIY projects, for example.
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60-Second Read: Why Yum! Brands Bought an AI Analytics Company

Yum! Brands, based in Louisville, Kentucky, is one of the biggest fast food companies in the world. With 34,000 employees (not including hundreds of thousands who work for franchisees) and revenues around $6 billion, it’s hardly surprising that a company like Yum! Brands would make significant purchases, but the company’s recent acquisition of Kvantum raised a few eyebrows.
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Why You Can’t Count on Free Trials to Win Customers

Free trials are often a tempting method for attracting new customers. In the ideal scenario, a potential customer takes advantage of a free trial offer to test a product or service, and after realizing the value gained becomes a lifetime subscriber or recurring purchaser. Customers as well tend to prefer a free trial because there’s no upfront commitment to gain access to the promoted service or product. Before you consider a free trial of your products or services, there are a few key things to consider.
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The 6 Most Important Marketing Features of Your CRM

The overall value a CRM platform offers an agency is obvious, however, some features are more valuable than others. As marketers who rely on CRM to drive our agency’s success, below are the key tools we recommend utilizing within your own CRM system.
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60-Second Read: Google Plans to Stop Tracking Browsing History

Google’s constantly adjusting their search algorithm or backlinking system, but this is one of the biggest changes we’ve seen since Hummingbird: on Wednesday, Google announced that they’ll no longer sell ads based on individual users’ browsing history, citing the increased push for privacy online.
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