2022 Advertising Trends blog

2022 Advertising Trends

The ever-changing technology landscape has led to a shift in advertising and marketing strategies every year. In the last two […]
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How Branding is More Than a Logo

As the idea of “blanding” continues to circulate within the marketing community, we feel it’s the perfect time to discuss […]
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10 Tips To Maximize Facebook Ad Return

Facebook was one of the first sites to launch ads back in 2007 and since then the algorithm that Facebook […]
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How to Strategically Spend Your Advertising Budget During the Holidays

The holiday season is bountiful, and everyone is trying to increase their sales and get the best of this lucrative […]

Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis Advertising Guidelines

The cannabis space is highly regulated in all areas, from production and sales to advertising. The good news is once […]

Why QR Codes Are Enjoying a Comeback and How You Can Use Them

QR codes are almost 30 years old, but they’re only recently enjoying a renaissance. For years, they were inconvenient and […]

5 Outdated Marketing Techniques You Should Stop Using

The landscape of marketing is constantly shifting. New platforms or even entire fields of marketing spring up seemingly overnight, and […]
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How Your Ads Should Change in 2021

Between the November elections, the dawn of a new year, and the spread of a COVID-19 vaccine, people are starting to let themselves hope for a return to something resembling normalcy. While advertisers will eagerly revise their messaging to match the moment, there’s no doubt the lessons learned during 2020 have left a lasting impression. So what should advertisers keep in mind for the year to come?
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The Benefits of Experimental Advertising

Most CMOs understand the benefits of A/B testing — companies everywhere will happily run comparisons on email subject lines, landing pages, website colors, and CTAs. In the realm of digital advertising, however, the experimental nature of marketers tends to be underutilized.
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The Basics of Account-Based Advertising

Account-based advertising is like any other digital advertising campaign, except it’s laser-focused. Rather than casting a net to anyone who might be interested in what you’re offering, you can narrow in on only the accounts you want to engage.
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Audit Your PPC Campaign and Focus on Metrics That Matter

Inbound marketing, content marketing, and integrated marketing are all incredibly useful tools for building brand recognition and customer loyalty. If they have one downside, though, it’s that they take a little while to really kick into high gear. PPC ads are the perfect way to fill the gap.

6 Google Analytics Tools to Gauge Your Marketing

Coming up with clever, profitable, insightful marketing campaigns is only the beginning of a marketer’s job. The other part is figuring out if those clever campaigns actually worked. Back in the old days, you didn’t have much recourse in that area. You put an ad in the newspaper or on a billboard, and if sales went up, then it worked!

Google Chrome Has A New Ad-Blocker. Will Your Ads Make The Cut?

Ads are an ingrained part of the online experience, and Google knows this better than anyone — they brought in […]

Why Emotion In Marketing Works And How To Use It Yourself

Think of the best ads you’ve seen in recent years — the ones that made you share, want to buy, […]

What Not To Do: 4 Bad Ideas In Recent Marketing

Sometimes, despite everyone’s best efforts, marketing goes wrong. It’s not that the team behind a particular campaign had any malicious […]

Amazon Advertising is Too Big To Ignore

When you think of digital ad platforms, it’s Facebook, Google, and then everyone else. At least, that’s how the common […]

How Great Marketing Helped Old Spice

The year was 2010. Body wash was a luxury, not a necessity. The market was growing by around 7% a […]

The Optimization Behavior That Guarantees Failure

For many businesses, there seems to be a dichotomy when it comes to Google Adwords. You either love it or […]

The One Thing That Will Ruin Your Adwords Campaign

For over 10 years now, we have spent countless hours digging into Adwords Campaigns that prospects bring to us desperately […]
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The World of Online Advertising Part 5: Ad Trafficking and Optimization, Reporting, and a Make Good Agreement

We’ve finally made it — the final chapter of our five-part series on the world of online advertising. As you’ve […]
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